Women and Dual Diagnosis Rehab

women and dual diagnosis rehab

In recent years, research has shown that there is a strong correlation between those who suffer from mental health issues and those who are dealing with addictions to drugs and alcohol, which leads us to women and dual diagnosis rehab. More specifically, half of those who have severe mental issues also abuse substances, and a significant number of alcoholics (37 percent) and drug addicts (53 percent) contend with at least one mental illness that is considered serious. These additional problems make it difficult for these individuals to succeed in traditional treatment that focuses only on the addiction. They need dual diagnosis rehab, where both their substance abuse problem and their underlying psychological issues are addressed.

While men suffering from mental illnesses are more likely to become addicts (National Alliance on Mental Illness), women looking for dual diagnosis rehab centers may have more specific needs, and they should make sure that the clinic they choose can cater to them.Read more:


Women and Dual Diagnosis Should Address Abuse

Somewhere around a fifth to a third of all women in the US have experienced violence and abuse. This number is even higher for those who are coping with mental illness and have been abused — between 42% and 62%. And those are only the ones who report it!If you’re in this group, you might simply feel like the abuse and violence is a normal part of your life, but it is vital that you address it when working on your addiction. As uncomfortable as it may be, ask if the dual diagnosis rehab clinics you’re considering have experience in helping people with these kinds of simultaneous struggles. Otherwise, you will simply be treating the symptoms without addressing the real, underlying problem.

Because of the sensitive nature of this type of issue, consider a dual diagnosis rehab that caters to women only. The last thing a survivor of abuse from men should be forced to do is to bare her soul in front of more men, and you absolutely don’t have to be put in this situation. Not only can you look for dual diagnosis treatment centers that exclude male addicts, you can even seek out places where many of the professionals caring for you will be women. The most important thing about rehab is that you feel comfortable in the hands of those helping you so you can have a successful and positive recovery. If you are interested in finding out more about women and dual diagnosis rehab, call today to find out your options.

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