Substance Abuse Programs for Women

substance abuse programs for women

Substance abuse programs for women were started exclusively to help women who suffered from addiction but were reluctant to seek out treatment because they didn’t feel like the traditional methodologies reflected their needs. Since female addicts are in the minority, it makes sense that treatment techniques and methods that work with men might be prioritized,  in early January 2013, there are still close to 4 million women in America with a substance abuse problem—an incredibly significant population.

These programs offer you many of the same options that people receiving co-ed treatment can get, including inpatient or outpatient facilities, counseling, dual diagnosis treatment (treatment for two simultaneous mental or physical challenges), and aftercare and recovery practices to lessen the chances of relapse, but there are differences as well.

Family education and parenting

Even though some women have or want children or a family, a large percentage of female addicts do, so many substance abuse programs for women offer special courses to help you with this often-overlooked aspect of getting your life back on track and sustaining a healthy lifestyle beyond treatment to prepare for family growth. Read more about Women’s ‘Tools For Recovery’

Far more often than men, women are still the primary child caretakers, and having others who are dependent on you can be an extra burden at times that may increase the likelihood of relapse. By learning about these potential problems and working with professionals to create a treatment plan with these considerations while you are still in a safe space, you can return to your regular life more able to cope with these day-to-day life challenges and function normally.

Available treatment for domestic violence and sexual abuse

The vast majority of people who are victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse in this country are women, and that trauma can add extra layers of complexity to their addiction treatment.

Many women even turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to escape from the pain and horror of these types of acts so it’s very important to address these issues in counseling sessions and provide a place where the victim can speak openly about what happened. For those who have faced domestic violence or abuse, this is next to impossible to do around men so it is vital to seek out substance abuse programs for women in order to work through the trauma.


More of a focus on dual-diagnosis treatment

While mental challenges are common in many alcohol or drug addicts of both genders, the numbers are even higher in women. Moreover, eating disorders and other psychological disorders that tend to be less frequent in male addicts are often quite common in women with substance abuse problems.

Because of this, there are certain topics and unique challenges that substance abuse programs for women are more likely to spend focus on during treatment and have more experience handling. Because underlying psychological issues are so important, this can be the difference between a painful relapse and treatment that lasts and allows you to live happily and healthily for a long time.Beyond all of this, some women are just more at ease when they don’t have to bare their soul around men. Substance abuse programs for women give you that option for privacy and safety.

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