How to Find Women's Alcohol Treatment Centers

Women's Alcohol Treatment Centers

Women who decide to tackle their problems head on by going into an alcohol treatment center may be reluctant to put themselves in a co-ed program. After all, rehab could be one of the most personal experiences of your life. It’s frightening enough opening up to a bunch of strangers, including peers also seeking treatment and therapists; when those strangers are men, there may be an added level of discomfort for many women due to sexual politics and gender roles.

Because of this, many female alcoholics prefer women’s alcohol treatment centers. Not only are these programs designed exclusively for women, they cater specifically to problems and needs that are more common in women. What does that mean?

Women’s alcohol treatment centers tend to offer counseling from a family perspective, provide parenting tools, delve into topics like sexual abuse and domestic violence, and focus on dual-diagnosis treatment (treatment of multiple health challenges simultaneously). This is due to the fact that a higher percentage of female addicts also suffer from mental conditions that play a large role in their addiction.Read more:

Where to Seek Advice for Women’s Alcohol Treatment Centers

The process of looking for an effective women’s alcohol treatment center can be challenging. Most people are hesitant to speak about their rehab experiences in their regular, everyday lives, so it’s just not something that typically comes up in conversation. Still, there are trusted and helpful resources that can point you in the right direction for rehab and support and that you can confide in.

Women’s groups

If you search your local directory, you’ll likely find women’s groups in the area that can refer a few women’s rehab clinics that they recommend. Of course, you don’t know how much stock to put into the recommendation of a stranger, but at least you can go with the confidence that someone had a good experience there and the location may be convenient.


Religious leaders

If you’re a churchgoer (or even if you’re not), pastors, priests, rabbis, and so on can be great resources when you’re looking for women’s alcohol treatment centers. This is because, quite simply, lots of people turn to them in their time of need. Either they will know of someone who runs a local program or they’ll be able to direct you to someone else or community organizations who can help.

Local Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings

Who better to turn to when looking for women’s alcohol treatment centers than other addicts facing the same challenges as you? These meetings are regularly advertised in local papers, on community boards, and can be found online and they’re open to anyone who wants to attend. Arrive early or stay late and you can ask the group leader what he or she recommends.

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