Christian Drug Rehab for Women

Christian Drug Rehab for Women

When choosing a rehab facility, it’s important to factor in your personal history, your experience with addiction, and your beliefs. All these different parts of yourself will play into your experience in rehab and will ultimately influence your success in the program. In order to maximize your chance of success, you need to find a program that lines up with your own lifestyle and philosophy. If you are a Christian woman – or even if you are a non-Christian woman who is seeking some form of spiritual healing – Christian drug rehab for women might be the right choice for you. Consider the following to see if it might be the best place for you to gain encouragement, support, and overcome your addiction.

You want spirituality to be a part of your recovery process

One of the core beliefs of Christian drug rehab is that substance abuse comes from an attempt to fill a spiritual void, and recovery is possible through salvation and a relationship with God. (National Institutes of Health) If you feel like you’ve been missing spirituality in your life and you want to regain it, this type of drug rehab may be right for you.

You want to be part of a small, close-knit community of women

The size of treatment facilities for Christian women varies, but most tend to be on the smaller side and offer small group therapy sessions to foster community. Furthermore, treatment focuses not just on substance abuse but on the types of traumas and destructive behaviors that women may partake in. If you’ve experienced some kind of trauma or suffer from low self-esteem, Christian drug rehab for women may provide you with the emotional, physical and community support network you need.Read more:


You want church teachings to be part of your education on overcoming addiction

While you don’t have to be Christian to check in at a Christian drug rehab for women, these programs do place an emphasis on discipline and church teachings. They often have a church on the property – or are near a church that you can attend. In addition to clinical counseling, it’s also often possible to receive one-on-one pastoral counseling so that you can work on your faith in a personal way while recovering from substance abuse. Although Christian drug rehab for women might sound like a niche treatment program, these types of centers exist all over the country, so if they sound like the right fit for you, look into programs in your area.

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