What is Flakka and What Are the Side Effects?

synthetic drugs from bath salts also known as Flakka is extreemly harmfulWhat is Flakka and How Dangerous Is It?

There’s a new designer drug hitting the streets of Florida known as ‘flakka’. It’s a synthetic type of drug that intoxicates users by snorting, injecting, or smoking the harmful substance.Flakka has the ability to induce hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, superhuman strength, and in some cases can even cause a stroke or heart attack. According to experts the drug comes from bath salts and continues to make headlines across many newspapers following a horrible incident that took place a few years back.

The medical communities and facilities are warning people about the dangers of using synthetic substances. Several South Florida drug and alcohol treatment centers claim that flakka is highly unpredictable as well as addictive and can cause serious complications in a person’s overall health.Flakka has been deemed the ‘$5 insanity’ drug and is the driving force behind incredible bouts of delusion and for also instilling superhuman feats of amazing strength in people as well. The primary ingredient in flakka is a compound known as alpha-PVP, which is a chemical that’s quite similar in terms of composition to the ingredients in bath salts. Even though the active ingredient was actually banned, alpha-PVP is currently legal in those states that aren’t yet banning the chemical.

Flakka, otherwise known as ‘gravel’, is the newest synthetic drug available for people to inject, smoke, or snort by addicts seeking a cheap high and is usually the culprit behind peculiar headlines stamped across a number of South Florida newspapers.This new synthetic drug tends to bring out the ‘crazy’ in people. For instance, a man in Florida was recently seen running naked (expect for his shoes) through the streets of one South Florida city. This is just another example of what law enforcement officials are dealing with when it comes to the effects of flakka.

The drug itself is imported from India, Pakistan, and China. It’s known as the ‘cousin’ to bath salts according to officials. It rapidly induces a high body temperature in users whereby they feel the overwhelming need to disrobe along with experiencing a psychotic type of paranoia. Often, the user feels that are being chased by someone that doesn’t even exist. Similar to amphetamines, it can induce a state of excitable frenzy and dangerously raise the body temperature of the user to a whopping 106 degrees.

People who continue to abuse the drug seem to suffer from a number of various and strange side effects since the drug obviously affects people differently overall. The drug itself is infused with a host of harmful chemicals, which makes it all the more difficult to treat. Both medical facilitators and law enforcement officials claim that designer drugs, particularly flakka, are a scary trend with no end in sight.

After ingesting flakka, users tend to turn into crazy superhumans that suffer from hallucinations and delusions. Very often they pose a looming threat to anyone in their close vicinity as well as themselves while they’re in a dangerous drug-induced state of mind. Never underestimate how dangerous synthetic drugs can be. They’re highly unpredictable and make people do things they would normally never do.Flakka has proven its ability to be dangerously lethal. Unfortunately, more and more hospitals continue to see people abusing the latest designer drug and putting their lives at risk as well as the lives around them.http://www.examiner.com/article/flakka-more-dangerous-than-bath-salts http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/paranoid-induced-florida-crime-wave-fuelled-flakka-article-1.2177208

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