Teen Smoking Is Down, Why?

There are factors on why teens are smoking

The Decrease in Teen Smoking is probably due to a Combination of Factors

A Decrease in Teens Smoking-is it due to a new trend, a new substitute for smoking or is the message simply getting through?Recent studies-i.e. studies done within the past five years-have been showing a decrease in teen smoking. Does this mean that there is a new trend on the rise; is the message of the healthful harms of smoking getting through effectively or because of the smoking bans? Teens tend to live in their own world so we may never know for sure but one thing we do know is that the decrease is very good news.

According to the 2012 National Survey of Drug Use Report, 41 states experienced a significant decrease and none experienced a decrease but the rate simply stayed the same. By 2009-2010, the national average of teens smoking was only at 8.7% with the lowest in Utah at 5.9% and the highest in Wyoming at 13.5%. What has been found in significance is that it is mostly their attitude towards smoking that results in a likelihood of teens picking up a cigarette. In fact, it was found that around 58.7% of teens in Oklahoma and 72.6% of teens in Utah believe that smoking can present very harmful health risks. Could this attitude reflect a new trend of the recent paradigm shift?

P. Tonneson in the discussion of his 2002 study also suggested that those who are athletes and play at least one sport are up to 40% less likely to smoke and 50% less likely to be heavy smokers. This could be due to a number of factors including high self-confidence, being closely monitored by their coaches and the consequence of decreased performance in the sport. This is not to say that we should be pressuring teens to play sports just for the sake of preventing them from smoking but that athletes tend to value their health more than the average teen. Maybe teens here in the U.S. are starting to catch up with that, who knows?One factor that many maybe getting confused is that of electronic cigarette use. Currently, e-cigarettes are believed to be a decent substitute for smoking and are often recommended for those who are trying to quit smoking. E-cigarettes are not even seen by many to be true smoking so one has to wonder if this could actually be a contributing factor to the decrease in teens smoking.Sources:http://www.samhsa.gov/data/2k12/NSDUH112/SR112StateEstAdolCigUse2012.pdf http://erj.ersjournals.com/content/19/1/1.full.pdf

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