Alcohol Programs for Youth

alcohol programs for youthDid you know that there are specialized alcohol programs for youth? Underage alcohol abuse is a major concern for families, schools, and the future of our youth and these programs necessary as a result.In a 2011 Youth Online survey listed on the CDC website, high school students were asked about their behavior.

  • Over 20% said that they’d had their first drink before turning 13, and in the last 30 days.
  • 39% said that they’d had at least one alcoholic drink
  • 5% said that they’d drank alcohol on school property
  • 40% said that they usually got alcohol because someone gave it to them
  • 22% said that they’d had five or more alcoholic drinks within a few hours

That means more than one-fifth of high school students are binge drinking on at least a monthly basis. The youth in our country need help, and for many of them, an alcohol program for youth addicts may be the only thing that works.Read more:

Alcohol Programs for Youth: What to Expect

Alcohol programs for youth start with a screening process that involves professionals identifying at-risk adolescents and using screening tools that are appropriate for the teens’ age and level of development. If you believe that you are under 21 or someone you know that is underage needs treatment for alcohol addiction, asking for help puts you way ahead of the game. All too often, younger alcohol addicts won’t have friends or family members who will refer them for treatment.

After being screened, those teens that are determined to need alcohol addiction treatment at an alcohol program for youth will undergo an assessment to figure out how serious their alcohol dependency is and work with a professional to create a plan for the level of care they need. Because of how closely alcohol and drug abuse are intertwined with mental health issues, it is vital that the assessment also attempts to evaluate the risk that they pose to themselves and others, and whether or not there is any history of sexual abuse.

If you or someone you know is receiving treatment at an alcohol program for youth and suffers from depression or other mental issues, or if you’ve gone through traumatic experiences in the past, it’s important that the people treating you at the alcohol program are aware. That way, they can come up with a treatment plan to address all contributing factors and challenges at the same time. Otherwise, you might solve your addiction but be left with other issues that allow you to fall right back into drinking or using other drugs.At alcohol programs for youth, there are a number of other factors that need to be taken into consideration that may not play as big of a role in a facility designed for adults.


For instance, male and female youth should be placed in separate treatment programs if at all possible. This minimizes problems and potential embarrassment that can arise when the genders interact, as well as letting doctors and counselors address gender-specific needs. Ideally, teens should be placed with others of similar ages, cultures, and developmental stages to make them more comfortable. And finally, they should be placed in the least-restrictive environment possible unless they prove that increased restrictions are the only way to keep them from being harmed or harming others.

Alcohol programs for youth are also valuable because practitioners will often involve the underage addict in creating their own written treatment plan. This allows them to think about the kind of help that they need and recognize their strengths and weaknesses, which in turn can make their treatment go more smoothly and help them feel like they have more control over their treatment plan.If you know an adolescent or teen struggling with alcohol addiction, seeking help from an alcohol program for youth is often the most effective way to receive successful treatment.

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