Adolescent and Teen Rehab

teen and adolescent rehab Thirty years ago, there didn’t appear to be a need for a teen and adolescent rehab. But at that time, gang violence, peer pressure and disrupted family units weren’t as prevalent as they are today. Even now, parents trying to find help for an addicted child often don’t know where to turn. With more than a million teens needing drug treatment, only one in ten actually receives that needed help. And today our youth are vulnerable to experiences that didn’t exist before, such as internet predators, gang presence in schools and drugs commonly used by their peers which lead to . Modern pressures have created a need for adolescents to escape societal rigors and pressures to do more and be more competitive -almost to a fault.

How is teen and adolescent rehab different?

For adults, rehab is not a one-size-fits-all, and teen and adolescent rehabs were designed to address the unique needs of young adults and their families, including body image and eating disorders, cutting or self-injury, family conflict and low self-esteem. as they need structure and a mufti-faceted approach to succeed. Building life skills and creating a sense of community in a therapeutic setting are essential to getting young minds geared towards recovery.

Family education and interaction are another crucial aspect of these teen and adolescent rehab programs, so that when your child returns to his normal lifestyle, he will have learned healthier coping and stress management skills. These rehabs typically offer short term and long term programs that include intense need assessment, age-specific recreational activities, nicotine cessation programs, and even schooling resources or GED tutoring and testing.


Some teen and adolescent rehabs boast small staff/client ratios to give teens the one-on-one, individualized care they need. Some use rigid admission criteria to be sure your child is safe and away from gang influences and . Whichever rehab you choose, look for treatment that includes therapy for the family unit as a whole. teen and adolescent rehabs typically offer inpatient, outpatient, and sometimes long-term treatment for those needing extra help or those with difficult home situations.

Recognizing substance abuse in teens

? Recognizing the is the first step toward determining whether your child is struggling with addiction. Usually a change in behavior will be a warning which may indicate the use of drugs. Being informed on topics such as teenage cocaine abuse or ¬†will help you recognize the signs. among teens as it is something they can find in their own home or friends’ houses. exist for helping teens find sobriety at a young age. A teen and adolescent rehab may be the best way to achieve long-term sobriety and ensure your child stay on a successful path in life.


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But how does one go about finding the right program?

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