Super Strength Skunk Cannabis

Super strength skunk cannabis

Super Strength Skunk Cannabis Can Triple Mental Health Risks

With legalizing marijuana in certain states, the new trend seems to be coming up with the best form of a marijuana. There are even competitions and contests on who can make the best form of marijuana. Now a new super strength skunk cannabis is becoming very popular on the scene. This form of marijuana is much more powerful and dangerous than your everyday marijuana.

Scientists have found a link between using this super strength skunk cannabis regularly and psychosis in some users. The argument for this study is that, extracts of cannabis are being used to ease the symptoms of some patients that suffer from mental illnesses.

Researchers at King’s College London, who completed one of these skunk studies reported that regular users of this powerful marijuana known as “skunk” were three times more likely to suffer from psychosis. The researchers also reported that daily users were five times more likely to suffer from psychosis. An interesting find was that individuals who smoked regular hashish, which contains the same ingredient as other powerful marijuana strains like skunk that causes psychoactive behavior, but it is not as potent, showed no fluctuations either way from psychosis. This find leads many people to the assumption that the more powerful the strain of marijuana is, the more dangerous the effects will be.

The team co-leader for this study, Robin Murray, spoke about the study’s findings in detail. The study explored possible contributing factors in 410 people, newly diagnosed with psychosis and 370 people in a control group with no history of psychosis. And the results showed at cannabis does play a huge part in developing psychosis, but what does psychosis entail? Psychosis is an encompassed term for any mental state or being that involves a disconnect from reality. Psychosis covers all states including, a form of mild to severe depression, paranoia, impaired cognition, or other sensory disruptions.

This super strength skunk cannabis came about through years of cultivation by marijuana growers. These marijuana growers were interested in producing a more potent high for users, but they did not think or care about the effects this new variation of marijuana. Murray stated skunk marijuana is, “far richer than hash in delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the ingredient that creates the drug’s high but which also triggers psychosis.” Murray states an even more important fact, “Even more important, skunk contains hardly any of a substance called cannabidiol, or CBD, which has been shown to counteract the psychotic effects of THC.”

Amir Englund, also part of the King’s College research team, states, “In traditional hash, the proportions of THC and CBD are about equal, at 4 per cent each.” Englund continues, “In skunk, THC reaches around 14 to 15 per cent.” Englund states, “while CBC tumbles to barely a trace.” Englund reported that GW Pharmaceuticals is successfully using CBD to treat symptoms of schizophrenia, but THC is not being used to help with any mental issues.

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