Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are available for those suffering from addictions of all kinds. Available programs range from spiritual based twelve step rehab facilities to modern therapy based programs. Attending any rehabilitation center requires commitment and hard work for the program to be successful. Learning more about the types of facilities available is a big step toward seeking help.

Getting Started with Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

The types of rehabilitation facilities available include standard programs that provide holistic care for patients using a variety of medical, therapeutic, and spiritual processes to assist patients in overcoming addiction. Holistic methods of treatment are available for all religions. Non-religious rehabilitation centers are also widely available. Patients have the option of attending either residential or outpatient treatment programs..


Residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs require patients live on-site for up to three months. This type of treatment is used for more serious addictions and when other types of treatment have failed. Residential treatment is typically supplemented with group therapy or other outpatient services after the initial three month program is completed. Long term therapy is considered important for the transition from living at the treatment center to living at home again. Some patients may also receive continuing therapy through the residential program.Read more:

Attending Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

Patients attending residential therapy will receive several different treatments. Group therapy sessions, individual therapy sessions, and vocational training are all common aspects of attending rehabilitation. Some treatment centers also offer daily living skills programs to assist patients in self care after a serious addiction. The skills learned can include cooking, grooming and other basic daily living skills.Therapy is one of the integral parts of treatment for those recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Therapy is designed to assist patients in finding the triggers that promote drug or alcohol abuse and how to manage stress and other emotions without the use of drugs and alcohol. Therapy can also be useful in identifying any underlying conditions that may be linked to drug and alcohol abuse, such as depression. Therapy can continue for an extended period of time to assist patients with overcoming drug abuse.

Paying for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are available in all price ranges. Insurances are generally accepted by most rehabilitation facilities. Some facilities offer a sliding scale fee that allows patients to pay based on their income. Community based twelve step programs and groups that support recovering addicts are also free of charge.

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