Choosing the Right Addiction Treatment: Local vs. Destination

So you or a loved one has chosen to enter an inpatient addiction rehabilitation center to help conquer an addiction problem. This is a major decision and is an important step towards recovery, but it is not the only decision you will need to make. When it comes to choosing the right addiction treatment for your specific situation, you also have to ask yourself whether you want to check into a local facility or travel to one outside of your immediate geographic area. There are advantages to both choices, but ultimately it comes down to what you want and what you think will be more likely to help you with your treatment and recovery.

Local Treatment: Easily Accessible

One major advantage of going to a local treatment center is that it is more accessible than a destination center, and there won’t be any travel expenses. Local treatment also may be cheaper than going to a destination center in other ways, too. Some of the most well-known rehab facilities, many of which are in California, can cost more than a thousand dollars a day.

Destination Treatment: Distance from Bad Habits

Remaining in treatment for an adequate period of time is essential to recovery, and staying at a treatment center far from home might motivate a patient to stay for longer or keep them from lapsing and leaving before finishing treatment. Being far away from home also removes a patient from the familiar settings and influences that feed into his or her addiction.


Local Treatment: Support from Family and Friends

A major factor that helps keep patients in rehab is support from family and friends. While family and friends might be able to visit a patient at a distant treatment center, it is generally easier for them to visit when they don’t have to travel as far. If a patient has a strong support network in their hometown, this could create a strong pull to seek local treatment.

Destination Treatment: Sense of Therapeutic Community

If a patient doesn’t feel like they have a the local encouragement he or she needs, destination (remote) treatment centers can provide a strong sense of community amongst the staff and other patients. Therapeutic communities provide a structured program that helps addicts change their behavior through social and emotional help.

Local Treatment: Quality of Service

It might seem like well-known, destination rehab centers would offer better service, but this isn’t always necessarily the case. Science writer Anne Fletcher researched rehab facilities in the US and found that low-cost, publicly funded centers often have better-qualified therapists and more positive recovery results with their patients (New York Times). Don’t write off your local treatment center just because it’s not an expensive, renowned facility, because when it comes to rehab, you definitely don’t always get what you pay for.

Destination Treatment: Sense of Sanctuary

“Rehab tourism,” the practice of traveling to a foreign country and entering a rehab center there, has been growing in popularity, with Thailand being a particularly popular destination (CNN). Patients may be drawn to foreign destinations because they believe it offers them a sanctuary, or a different perspective from local treatment.

Remember, there’s no one type of treatment that’s right for everyone: you need to weigh the factors, ask questions up front, or even visit a center before choosing the right addiction treatment location for you.

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