Student Dies After Playing Drinking Games

Humberto Moura Fonseca Dies From Drinking Games

Drinking Games Are More Dangerous Than You Think, Student Dies After Drinking 25 Shots of Vodka

Humberto Moura Fonseca, 23, attempted to drink 25 shots of vodka in under one minute for a drinking game. Instead of completing this “fun” drinking game, he collapsed and died on his way to the hospital. Humberto Moura Fonseca died at the age of 23 years old, because of the lifestyle and peer pressure invovled at most college parties. These drinking games are seen as fun activities that create funny gossip to talk about the next day. Rarely do you see anyone watching over everyone making sure the participants are in any danger.Humberto was at a party at the Julio de Mesquita university in Bauru, Brazil. A group at the party decided to play some drinking games. The game that ended Humberto’s life was a game to see who could drink 25 shots of vodka in less than 60 seconds. A friend of Humberto, Rodrigo Pancetti, also 23 years old, stated, “We were all having a great time and someone came up with the idea of the drinking competition. Rodrigo continued, “I knew I’d already had too much and there was no way I was going to be able to drink five, let alone 25.”

While Rodrigo knew his limit, Humberto did not. Rodrigo stated, “But Humberto and the others were really up for it.” While it was not Rodrigo’s job to watch over his friend, that is a system that needs to be in place. When you are at a party drinking and then someone comes up with the bright idea to play drinking games, some of the individuals are already too drunk to understand their limit or that they might be sick. People also live in denial that anything bad will never happen to them or their friends, as Rodrigo states, “I never thought that would become reality.”

While some people assumed something was wrong with Humberto, they did not call for help until 6 other students collapsed with alcohol poisoning. Rodrigo stated, “We assumed it was because he was drunk but then six others also collapsed, including the winner, so we called an ambulance.” 3 of the others that were taken to the hospital are now being treated in intensive care. People at the party said that as soon as Humberto finished the game, he stated that he felt ill, right before he collapsed. Rodrigo stated in disbelief of his friends death that, “On his Facebook there’s a quote, a motto, from the Russian poet Vladimir Maiakovski which says ‘It is better to die from vodka than from boredom’.”

Police investigating this event say they are looking to charge the organizers of the party and drinking games with homicide. A police spokesman stated, “Two, fourth year students at the university have been arrested for organizing the event without a license and for potentially causing the death of the student.” The University released a statement expressing their condolences and a reminder stating, “We would like to remind students that drinking alcohol in the university is banned.”

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