Son of Robert Downey Jr., Indio Downey, Pleads Guilty in Cocaine Case

indio downey gets arrested for cocaine possesionSon of Robert Downey Jr., Indio Downey, Enters a Drug Diversion Program

 Indio Downey, son of Robert Downey Jr. was arrested back in June for possessing cocaine. It was a routine traffic stop. Indio was a passenger in the car. No one else in the car was arrested, just Indio for possession of cocaine. This traffic stop took place in West Hollywood and was hopefully an eye opener for this young adult.

We are all familiar with Robert Downey Jr.’s dramatic drug use and court appearances. For awhile there Robert was in more news report stories about his drug use than movie roles. Robert’s behavior cost him jail time, as well as, countless movie roles. Let’s face it, who wants to hire an actor that might not show up to work, due to partying, getting arrested, or even overdosing on drugs? You think that Robert’s unfortunate past would serve as a lesson to be learned for his son, but that was not the case. At just 21 years old, Indio Downey is now following his father’s path. Indio was busted with cocaine at the age of 21, but when did he really start using? I seriously doubt Indio jumped right into cocaine, but he could have.

The Superior Court Judge Keith L. Schwartz sentenced Indio to complete a drug diversion program. Upon completion of this program, Indio’s conviction could be dismissed. Indio’s attorney also stated that he had completed 70 days at a residential rehab and would like to complete another 20 day program at that rehab. If he can stay out of trouble for 18 months and comply with the drug diversion program, the conviction will be dismissed.

Indio seemed grateful for this opportunity, but only time will tell. Will Robert Downey Jr. be able to talk some sense into his son? Is Indio just grateful to complete the program, so he can get out and start using drugs again, in a more cautious environment? Hopefully, Indio does not view his father’s fall to the bottom and rise to glory and fame as his path as well. Too often people believe they are invincible and it could never happen to them. Unfortunately, this is not the case. People die every day from drug overdoses. It could easily be him in that place. All we can do is hope Robert will stand as a strong support system for his son.

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