Sheriffs Sue Colorado For Legalizing Marijuana

Sheriffs Sue Colorado For Legalizing Marijuana

Sheriffs Sue Colorado For Legalizing Marijuana Because It Is Not Legal Federally

Marijuana, Is it legal or not? Well, that depends on who you ask and which guidelines they follow. Some states have recently legalized the selling and use of marijuana, but federally marijuana is still illegal. Sheriffs sue Colorado for legalizing marijuana, because it is not legal in federal terms. So, which law are these officers supposed to enforce?

Sheriffs from across the area of Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska, state in their lawsuit against Colorado, that marijuana legalization has created a “crisis of conscience”. These sheriffs explain that the state law is going against the Constitution. Legalizing marijuana by states, also creates an economical burden on the states that do not legalize marijuana, but are left to enforce laws on those who hope across borders to buy, sell, and use this hot topic drug. These sheriffs on the borders say the stream of Colorado’s legal marijuana coming across the border has increased drug arrests, overburdened police, paperwork, and courts, and cost the department money in overtime. Felony drug arrests in Chappell, Nebraska, 7 miles north of the Colorado border, has jumped 400% over the last three years.

Sheriffs sue Colorado for legalizing marijuana and ask a federal court in Denver to strike down Colorado’s Amendment 64. If this demand is met, marijuana would then be illegal again in Colorado and the state would have to close more than 330 licensed marijuana stores.Colorado Sheriff Justin Smith, one of the main sheriffs in this lawsuit, calls the case a “constitutional showdown.” Smith states each day, he must decide which constitution to violate, the Colorado Constitution or the United States Constitution? Officer Smith states, “Colorado is asking every peace officer to violate their oath.” Officer Smith asks, “Which constitution are we supposed to uphold?”

So who is really in charge the state or federal law? With not every state legalizing marijuana and federal law not moving on their stance, will marijuana stay legal in the few states that have legalized marijuana? One thing is for sure the states need to be unified on their stance, along with federal laws. Walking the fine line between state and federal can confusing one for both law enforcement and citizens.

The state of Colorado has not responded to the lawsuit yet, but it should be interesting to see what their stance will be, as well as what the outcome of the trial will be. Lately, politicians have used legalization of marijuana has a way to reel in voters, claiming they see nothing wrong with legalization, just to get more votes. The Marijuana Policy Project states, “police should focus their attention on serious crimes and leave alone people who choose to use marijuana.” On the other hand you have politicians taking the other side, stating they will vote down of legalization of marijuana to win voters over. This drug has become a subject of pulling votes in either direction, instead of looking at the risks it is causing.

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