Convincing a Loved One to Enter Rehab

convincing a loved one to enter an addiction rehab treatment center Whether your loved one is suffering from a dependence on drugs or alcohol, convincing them to check themselves into an addiction rehab treatment center can save their lives.People in the powerful grip of substance abuse often make destructive choices that they never would have made if their minds were not influenced by alcohol or drugs, and sometimes they face lifelong consequences. If you know your loved one needs help, don’t wait and just hope they make the right decision – tell them how you feel and try to make them see themselves and their actions through your eyes.Of course, saying this is a lot easier than doing it. You need to plan and may even want to consult with a therapist or someone who specializes in interventions. There are a number of issues that you’ll want to think about ahead of time, so when the time does come, you’re ready to talk to your loved one about seeking treatment in a drug or alcohol addiction rehab treatment center.

Finding the right time

Or perhaps a better way to put this is “avoiding the wrong time.” You don’t want to try to convince a friend or family member that they should enter a rehab program after they’re already drunk or high, or even right before they’re headed out to go partying with friends, because they’re just not going to be in the right mindset to hear what you’re saying. The best times, in fact, are when they’re sober in the morning, or right after a bad drinking or drug-related episode.

Keeping it short

Convincing someone to go into an addiction rehab treatment center isn’t an easy conversation, but you can’t just make it happen by continuing to talk after it’s clear they’ve stopped listening. Your goal should be to make your points and deliver a clear argument to avoid confrontation.

Having the facts ready

One of the easiest things for an addict to do when you suggest they go to an addiction rehab treatment center is poke holes in your argument by asking questions you don’t know the answers to. Make sure you learn as much as you can about treatment; if possible, research possible facilities and have literature with you to answer your loved one’s questions and show you care.Source: WebMDAddiction-problemBack to

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