Texas Inpatient Drug Rehab

Texas Inpatient Drug Rehab

Texans who are addicted to drugs should consider Texas inpatient drug rehab for recovery that lasts. More comprehensive than outpatient programs, inpatient rehab involves an enclosed environment and carefully focused efforts to help recovering addicts develop a lifestyle without drugs. The treatment lasts for several weeks or months and is available in various forms for the needs of different patients and their families. Here’s a look at the common features of rehab in Texas.

Texas Inpatient Drug Rehab Detox

The first step in any rehab treatment program is detoxing from drugs, and it is a major challenge that can even be dangerous if attempted abruptly outside of rehab. Inside a treatment center, patients can be watched by doctors and nurses for signs of problems and may be treated with sedatives or other drugs designed to ease the process. During detox and for some time afterwards, facilities generally disallow communication with outside influences that might negatively affect the program’s efforts.

Texas Inpatient Drug Rehab Life Skills Training

Life skills are easily forgotten by many addicts, who have often become accustomed to using drugs so frequently that daily responsibilities are no longer easy to handle. Rehab personnel help recovering addicts re-learn ways of coping with daily life and handling obligations without drugs. Once rehab ends, patients can reduce stress at home, thereby reducing risks of relapse, thanks to these new skills.


Counseling at Texas Inpatient Drug Rehabs

Counseling is a mainstay of Texas inpatient drug rehab programs, with both group and individual counseling playing important parts. Group counseling may incorporate family or other recovering addicts to give the individual greater insight into his or her struggle with addiction. Individual rehab can target psychiatric problems and other personal issues that need to be addressed.

Texas Inpatient Drug Rehab Aftercare

After leaving rehab, recovering addicts are once again faced with drug connections and stress that can trigger relapse. Regular counseling sessions with therapists can help recovering addicts stay on track with their new life away from drugs. In some cases, patients also attend group meetings, where they can give and get support in a group of other people who are dealing with many of the same problems as they are.

Texas inpatient drug rehab generally combines all of the elements described above, but other options abound. Depending on how much money the recovering addict wants to spend, the program may be luxurious or more basic in its features. Patients often have the option of paying for rehab with insurance or financing programs offered by many facilities.

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