Alcohol Rehab in New York

Alcohol Rehab in New York

Mayor Michael Bloomberg received a swift, vocal response from his constituents when he voiced plans to limit the sale of alcohol. Perhaps this strategy is not the right one, but the impetus for it was clear: Since 2000, medical incidents stemming from alcohol consumption have risen sharply each year. Alcoholism is a significant and growing problem in NY, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel: Alcoholics that seek professional, structured help succeed long term at a phenomenal rate.

When to Seek Help from Alcohol Rehab in New York

An alcoholic should seek help from alcohol rehab in New York as soon as the thought crosses their mind. An issue with alcoholics is that they often do not realize they are one. Therefore, if a person can ask the question, am I an alcoholic, then they need professional assistance to determine the answer. Quitting on one’s own is possible, but assisted recovery succeeds at a significantly higher rate.

Intervention before Alcohol Rehab in New York

Family and friends often see the alcoholism before the alcoholic does. In many cases, the alcoholic will refuse to admit and refuse help. It is in these cases where an intervention can be an invaluable tool. An intervention can be difficult and emotionally draining. Facilities that provide alcohol rehab in New York typically provide intervention services. A professional can organize and perform the intervention.


Inpatient vs. Outpatient Alcohol Rehab in New York

Inpatient recovery requires the person to remain at the rehab facility during the treatment. Outpatient recovery allows the alcoholic to live at home and come to treatment on a schedule. For those just beginning recovery, inpatient treatment is statistically the more effective option. Outpatient treatment is generally used to transition the recovering addict from rehab into the real world.

Financing Alcohol Rehab in New York

The financial aspect of rehab is an important concern. Ideally, the addict has insurance that will fully cover the treatment. If that is not the case, however, there are other options. Most rehab centers offer payment plans and financing. There is also federal and state assistance available, and there are often private grants and similar resources than a recovering alcoholic can take advantage of.

The Long Road to Recovery Before During and After Alcohol Rehab in New York

Recovering from alcoholism is a journey. At first, we measure it in seconds, minutes and hours. Eventually, we measure it in days, weeks, months and then years. It is for this reason that support systems like AA are so crucial to the long-term success of so many recovering alcoholics. It allows the addict to travel this long road with people at his or her side.

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