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New Mexico drug treatment Our services can help you to decide if you or the person in need of help should go to a residential treatment, out-patient facility, long term treatment or short term rehab in New Mexico. We have searched for all of the New Mexico drug treatment facilities.  The state of New Mexico provides a variety of drug and alcohol treatment programs.


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Now let’s take a look at our philosophy regarding treatment facilities and types of programs. An important factor is that we do not refer an individual with a drug problem to programs which include using drugs or medication in any shape or form as part of the treatment. Our philosophy is that approach will only diminish the users chances to get back control of their life. It would be great if you could give a pill to an addicted individual and get rid of their addiction. Dependency doesn’t work like this. Addiction is a solution to past failures to deal with a part or parts of life in the first place. For example if a person is shy in life with others. Drugs or alcohol eventually can become a solution for the lack of ability to control their communication. Medication is also considered to be a kind of Drug. So for sure a pill will not help in solving the dependency problem. It will only hide it.

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Drug Rehabilitation in New Mexico

The fact that New Mexico shares the border Mexico has a lot to do with the drug problem encountered in New Mexico. Drugs are often brought in through New Mexico and then distributed to various states. But some of the drugs are left behind and sold in New Mexico. To help with these sorts of issues, many drug rehabilitation centers have been created. In New Mexico, there are more than 60 drug rehab centers available to drug or alcohol addicts. All of those treatment centers can help anybody with an addiction problem live a better life by being substance free. The state of New Mexico provides a variety of drug and alcohol addiction treatment for residents without insurance or money. This assistance is restricted to individuals who do not have any other ways of attending an alcohol drug rehab program. Generally speaking these resources are handled by the state of New Mexico itself and managed at the county level.

Drug-Related Crime  in New Mexico

  • In 2005, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made 645 drug arrests in the state.
  • In 2004, the New Mexico Department of Public Safety Narcotics Section made 850 arrests, a raise from 645 arrests made in 2003.
  • The Narcotics Section managed 402 cases in 2004 involving methamphetamine.
  • There were 7,429 arrests for substance abuse violations statewide during 2004.

New Mexico State Stats

  • Population: 1,829,146
  • Law Enforcement Officers: 5,705
  • State Prison Population: 12,000
  • Probation Population: 10,263
  • Violent Crime Rate
  • National Ranking: 4 2004 Federal Drug Seizures
  • Cocaine: 913.6 kgs.
  • Heroin: 1.3 kgs.
  • Methamphetamine: 60 kgs.
  • Marijuana: 42,666.2 kgs.
  • Ecstasy: 144 tablets
  • Methamphetamine Laboratories: 120 (DEA, state, and local).


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