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Hawaii drug treatmentHawaii drug treatment and rehab services can help you to decide if you or the person in need of help should go to a residential treatment, out-patient facility, long term treatment or short term rehab in Hawaii. Meth is the drug of choice in Hawaii, where it is readily available, with the majority of the methamphetamine converted into ice before his distribution.


In the past several years, ice-related criminality have raised as the drug has increased in popularity and availability. The Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring program in 2001 revealed 38.1% of adult males arrested from January September 2001 tested positive for methamphetamine use. Furthermore, male and female arrestees in Honolulu tested positive for meth at an increased rate than for marijuana (29.8%) and coke (11.2%). Pound quantities of crystal methamphetamine arrive from the southwest regions of the U.S smuggled by couriers and the by private parcel services, such as Fed-ex and DHL.

Local addicted persons can purchase crystal meth from several sources, since ounce distributors are abundant throughout the state of Hawaii. Most of the methamphetamine laboratories seizures in the state are small “conversion” labs. Analysis of seized glassware and chemicals reveal that most of the labs have a capability of manufacturing ounce quantities of ice.

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We will not share your information with a third-party. We may contact you about drug and alcohol rehab services. See our privacy policy by clicking here:Our Privacy Policy Drug Rehabilitation Hawaii Although it is secluded from the whole United States, major health problems still are an issue in Hawaii, much like every other state. Drugs are smuggled by boat mostly. With all these substances available, a lot of people must be in need of them in Hawaii. What those people really need is drug rehabilitation. Finding a drug rehabilitation center might seem complicated to some people but it really isn’t. What is complex is what kind of rehab center is right for you, we can help with that. Once you know what kind of drug rehabilitation fits you, it?s fairly easy finding a drug rehab center near you. There are more than 70 drug rehabilitation centers in Hawaii alone. So wherever you want, there is surely a drug rehab near it. Drugs in Hawaii The Hawaiian Islands are located about 2,500 miles from the continent of the United States. The population is comprised of several ethnic groups, to include native Hawaiians, Japanese, Korean, Phillipino, African-American, and Caucasian. All of the illicit drugs that are available on the mainland are also available in the islands, with cocaine HCl, crack cocaine, crystal meth (“ice”), Ecstasy, and OxyContin being the leading threats in the state. Hawaii is the producer of some of the highest-grade marijuana in the United States(such as “Kona Gold”), and it is tought that a lot of it is exported to the mainland. Crime and Drug-Related Crime In 2004, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reported 76 arrests for drug violations in Hawaii From January to June 2004, there were 16 homicides reported to police in Hawaii.  In 2003, there were 22 homicides reported to police. From January to June 2004, there were 24 adult and 2 juvenile arrests for murder in the state. This is the same amount of murder arrests during 2003. From January to June 2004, there were 583 adult arrests for possession of non-narcotic substances such as crystal methamphetamine.  In 2003, there were 996 such arrests.


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