Florida Inpatient Drug Rehab

florida inpatient drug rehab

Florida inpatient drug rehab is an excellent option for long-term addicts to make a successful recovery. Usually lasting for at least one and up to three months, inpatient programs use a controlled environment, detox, counseling and post-rehab treatment to make deep changes in the lifestyle of a recovering addict. Below is more information about these elements of inpatient rehab in Florida.

Florida Inpatient Drug Rehab Detox

Withdrawal from some drugs can be severe and even dangerous, so programs often have measures in place to reduce risks of health problems. For example, sedative medications may be used to prevent seizures. Medical staff are also on site to monitor patients throughout this period. Because communication with family and friends may impede progress during detox, facilities normally do not allow contact with them early in treatment.

Counseling at Florida Inpatient Drug Rehabs

Florida inpatient drug rehab includes counseling as a core component. Both individual and group counseling are used by most programs for a number of reasons. Individual counseling lets medical professionals focus on each patient’s unique challenges while group sessions may involve other recovering addicts and even family to add perspective to the process. Group therapy can also help recovering addicts form valuable relationships with others in the same situation for long-term support during and after the program.

Florida Inpatient Drug Rehab Life Skills Training

Long-term addiction leaves many addicts unable to cope with daily life without drugs. In some cases, even basic self-care has become overwhelming while sober. With life skills training, inpatient rehab re-trains recovering addicts to live responsibly at home and in the community without drugs. Once the program has ended, recovering addicts can use the positive new behavior patterns they have learned to manage life more easily.

Post-Rehab Support at Florida Inpatient Drug Rehabs

Recovering addicts face a variety of challenges after rehab, including difficult decisions to resist drugs and interaction with friends and family who are still addicts. Therapy with trained counselors can lend valuable support to patients after they’ve finished an inpatient program, giving them a chance to work through issues they may be facing. Outpatient therapy may continue indefinitely.

These are the basic features of Florida inpatient drug rehab, but not all facilities are the same. Different programs have different approaches in some areas. For example, luxury programs exist to cater to the rich while cheaper programs are available for those who want to save money on rehab. Most rehab programs today can be paid for by insurance, and many offer financing options to help patients afford treatment.

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