Florida Drug Rehabilitation Centers

florida drug rehabilitation centers

Every drug addict is not the same as the next. It has become clear that different demographics begin to take drugs for different reasons, and this is why Florida drug rehabilitation centers have come to offer separate rehabilitation programs for different types of people. By separating drug treatment, counselors can address the unique issues that everyone in each particular demographic have in common.

Florida Drug Rehabilitation Centers for Women

The idea of separating women from men was sorely needed because women are known to begin their addictions to drugs for very different reasons than their male counterparts. For example, Florida drug rehabilitation centers very often need to treat the issue of co-dependency. Because several women have expressed the fact that they began to take drugs after becoming involved with a man who was already addicted, it can be difficult for them commit to becoming sober. If they are no longer taking drugs, their addicted significant others may seek a new relationship with another woman.The above issue is just one that more women subscribe to than men, and it is something that will be addressed in therapy that is geared specifically toward women.

Florida Drug Rehabilitation Centers for Men

Although some men may be in a co-dependent relationship, most become addicted for reasons that are not related to whom they are dating. Men have often stated that they begin to take drugs because they enjoy experiencing the highs. They also tend to state that they take drugs to help them function in social settings. Drug rehabilitation that addresses issues specific to men treat them individually as well as in a group setting where they can interact with their peers.

Florida Drug Rehabilitation Centers for Teens

Teens have their very own needs as well that would not be served in Florida drug rehabilitation centers that focus on the problems facing adults. One of the major reasons that teens take their first drugs is because of peer pressure, and this is not an issue that rehabilitation programs address in adult-centered rehab.

Teens also state that the problems they are having in their home environments cause them to self-medicate with drugs. In teen drug rehabilitation programs, family therapy is a big part of the solution that is not necessarily going to be explored in adult rehab. In teen drug rehabilitation centers, the problems that teens are facing in their schools, in their homes and in socializing with their peers will all be addressed in individual, group and family therapy sessions.


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