Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab

florida drug and alcohol rehab

A drug rehabilitation (rehab) facility helps patients struggling with an addiction to alcohol or illegal and prescription medications develop the tools necessary to overcome them. Many times, individuals struggling with an addiction are quick to jump to the first rehab center they contact, and may be setting themselves up for failure in doing so. When reaching out to a florida drug and alcohol rehab facility for help, consider these 5 key elements that can help differentiate which one will provide the best services for any unique or personal struggles.

Factors to Consider Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

One of the greatest factors to consider when choosing a Florida drug and alcohol rehab center is whether or not they provide support after completion of the program, and in cases of relapse. Patients routinely find integration into society after completing a program complicated. Make sure the program offers the support needed after completion so a substance dependent free life can be ensured for years to come.

Family Support and Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

A study conducted by Heidi Altman, LCSW, in 2009 indicated that patients who have a familial support system are more likely to remain substance dependent free after completion of the program. For this reason, choosing a rehab center that integrates family into their treatment methods is extremely important. It is typical for treatment centers to sequester their patients, in the idea that solitude will best help them overcome their addiction. This is contrary to many studies that have recently been conducted.

Treatment Methods at Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The third item to consider when choosing a florida drug and alcohol rehab facility is their method of treatment. Group work is an important component of substance abuse treatment, but the center should also offer personalized care that is tailored to the patient’s specific needs. By offering one-on-one sessions, the patient will be able to function in group sessions more fluidly, and their chances for recovery may increase.

Choosing a Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Choosing a drug and rehab facility can be overwhelming. It is possible to make the process less stressful by taking the time to thoroughly investigate all of the clinics in a given area. By doing the proper homework, the road to finding a treatment center that offers the highest level of service to a wide variety of backgrounds can lead to success.


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