Florida Alcohol Rehab

florida alcohol rehab

The alcohol rehab statistics are staggering: With structured, professional help, the vast majority of recovering addicts experience long-term success. So while it is possible to tackle this disease alone, seeking help is always the wisest decision. Alcoholics in Florida have a wide array of options available to them, including government-funded facilities that provide rehab services at reduced rates. Before choosing one of the options, consider the following four crucial items.

Paying for Florida Alcohol RehabDetermining how to pay for Florida alcohol rehab is the first step. Ideally, the addict has comprehensive insurance. If so, then it is important to get the improved list of facilities and to choose among them. Even with insurance, the policy may not cover the treatment fully. In that case, other options include payment plans, financing and grants and other forms of public and private assistance. Rehab centers that receive federal and/or state funding often have ways to reduce the financial burden on the addict.

Inpatient Treatment at Florida Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient Florida alcohol rehab requires the addict to remain at the rehab facility during the initial recovery term. The length of inpatient treatment will depend on the individual as well as the insurance. Some insurance companies will only pay for 28- or 14-day treatment. In which case, if there are no other financial options, the rehab facility will configure the treatment for that limitation. It is important to note that regardless of the length of stay, no recovery ends with the initial inpatient treatment.

Outpatient Treatment at Florida Alcohol Rehab

Therefore, it is crucial that the rehab center also have an outpatient component as well as a program that transitions recovering alcoholics from an inpatient to an outpatient mode. The biggest challenges the recovering addict will face will be in those initial days and weeks after leaving the program. A transition program and an outpatient program keep the person connected to the confidence and positivity that they were able to generate during the period of structured treatment.


 Support Systems at Florida Alcohol Rehab

All recovering alcoholics require a support system, and some choose to maintain that support system throughout their life. The most famous example of such support is Alcoholics Anonymous or AA. The best rehab facilities will help to provide the person that support system. They will also be there to help the person stop relying on outpatient services and rely fully on the support system. Most facilities also have relapse and preventative relapse programs for those that experience a misstep.

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