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PTSD and Alcoholism

Many Floridians with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder are having problems managing alcohol addiction. In some cases, patients are more likely to develop an addiction problem if a traumatic event has occurred in their lifetime. The person who understands the importance of having both the condition and the addiction treated are more likely to be successful in leading a sober life.

A closer look at PTSD and addiction at Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Florida

It’s not surprising that a number of people suffering from the disorder also suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction. In fact, 34.5 percent of men and 27 percent of women with the disorder also struggle with substance abuse, one survey showed. Other research shows that nearly 25 percent of men and 11 percent of women who have had PTSD in the past have also had problems with drug or alcohol addiction.

Understanding the link between PTSD and alcoholism at Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Florida

People who have the disorder are more likely to self-medicate after a traumatic event, some researchers believe. Other experts argue that the disorder often occurs among those who have battled substance abuse and alcohol addiction in the past. While the medical community continues to debate why the two problems frequently overlap, alcohol rehabilitation centers in Florida work on the individual level to help patients navigate the condition.


Treating the disorder and the addiction at Rehabilitation Centers in Florida

Counselors work with each individual to navigate the life changing events and experiences to uncover how they contribute to the person’s relationship with alcohol or other drugs. Focusing on each individual’s life experiences enables the addiction counselor to find the best approach to treating the individual. Mental health conditions are addressed as the addiction is treated in most of the alcohol rehabilitation centers in Florida.

Experienced clinical psychologists are able to employ techniques like exposure therapy to lessen the impact of PTSD symptoms in those receiving counseling. The controlled, professional setting improves the way a person responds to the symptoms when traumatic events are recalled. Individuals who may have experienced a traumatic event in the past can benefit from professional alcohol addiction counseling. These centers provide access to the mental health support and addiction counseling a person needs.

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