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Alcohol & Drugs Rehab Finder exists to help you and your family pick the best treatment program for your needs and concerns. There is a vast array of treatment centers to choose from, and finding the best fit for your needs can be overwhelming. Why not let us handle it for you?

Our staff has relationships with hundreds of treatment centers across the United States, and we have the experience coordinating treatment for thousands of individual people and families. But it doesn’t stop there. Following treatment, we will help you make the transition to sober living as seamless as possible and the best part is, our rehab placement services are 100% FREE.

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  • Cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, and prescription drugs are preferred choice of drug usage in Alaska.
  • High percentages of Native Alaskans struggle with Alcohol and Marijuana addiction.
  • 34% of all crimes involve drug and/or alcohol abuse and 60% of violent crimes that happen throughout Alaska involve drug and/or alcohol usage.
  • 12% of all residents in Alaska reported illicit drug use, which the national average is 8%.
  • Alaska ranks number 1 throughout the 50 states for marijuana use, which 21% of high school students admit to using marijuana and a majority had admitted they started using marijuana by the age of 13.
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When you work with Alcohol & Drugs Rehab Finder, you can be sure that you’ll choose the right treatment option.Whatever path to recovery you choose, our staff has access to hundreds of treatment centers to assure the best personalized treatment for you, then with continued follow up to help you make the transition to sober living as seamless as possible. Our trained staff of professionals are qualified to help you assess what type of treatment will be the best fit to ensure you or your loved one gets the help you need. But how does one go about finding the right program?If this all looks very overwhelming….it is! But that’s what we are here for and we can help make this process much easier. We will narrow down all of these aspects and find the best program for you or your loved one with all your concerns considered. It’s as simple as making that first call. And the best part is that we are a free service. The road to recovery starts here.Contact us today. 1 (888) 205-8608
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