Reggie Rice, the Robin Hood Drug Dealer Dies

Robin Hood Drug Dealer DiesRobin Hood Drug Dealer Dies and the Community Mourns

Reggie Rice, known as the Robin Hood drug dealer in Louisville, passed away on Sunday September 7th, 2014 reportedly due to complications of cancer. It was reported that Rice was not the typical drug dealer as he would do good deeds, such as buying backpacks and paying for teenagers in need to go on to college, in exchange for tips about other dealers. He was also known for giving monetary contributions to churches and contributing to college scholarships. Rice, for the most part, was also exceptionally good at maintaining his obscurity from the law by doing things such as working only with people he knew could be trusted and hiding behind false “walls”.Rice did the drug culture by the book-which “required” him to order that “hits” be carried out. However, even most of those on the side of the law (i.e. lawyers, judges and police) thought very affectionately of him. Those he helped also often refused to discuss his plight with the police. As a result, most of the charges ever filed against him were dropped, with one exception of a possession of two grams of cocaine. One of his former lawyers, Scott Cox once helped drop a charge against him by claiming that even though Rice had very little in the way of formal education that he was “very bright and could be cunning”.

It was also reported that he would rather go to prison himself than out anyone else involved in any of his deals. In fact, he once refused to discuss a botched drug deal case with the cops which ended in him getting shot in the rear end, having him wrapped in duct tape and about $10,000 of his jewelry stolen from him.Drug dealing wasn’t all that Reggie Rice did. He also ran a remodeling company, a car detail shop and pressure-washing company. He had investment accounts with Hilliard Lyons and a money market account with PNC. Then he was busted again in 2004 when caught red-handed in the middle of a cocaine purchase from two Mexican Nationals, along with two rifles and a .40 Glock. However, most of the charges, except for the firearm possessions, were thrown out due to the FBI agent testifying that there had been no surveillance after all.

The whole issue of the Robin Hood Drug Dealer Dies still does not make up for the lives that Rice ruined and ended. It also does not make the drug business any less illegal or hazardous.Sources:

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