Obstacles to Recovery

Obstacles to recovery

Not all those who seek treatment choose to pursue ongoing recovery. While people do manage to stay abstinent without the help of meetings or other means of  recovery support, many find they are unable to achieve longtime sobriety without it. Especially since there can be an abundance of obstacles to recovery. One reason people reject the concepts of recovery is that they feel they don’t want to waste the time, since they have already wasted so much time in active using.  Obstacles to recovery include social problems, emotional maturity issues and financial stress that can chuck all that new-found resolve right out the window once those issues become too overwhelming.

Family Members

Sometimes a spouse or family member gets discouraged to find that once their loved one is abstinent, he still spends way too much time away from home, but now instead of bars or trips to the dealer, the goes to meetings. Sometimes family members expect their loved one to be “healed” right out of treatment and think it’s some sort of weakness to continue to be involved with those “other addicts.”Read more:



A person may compare himself to other addicts and decide he wasn’t as bad so he doesn’t need help. He may resist opening up his life to others. He may decide it is of no value to explore his life choices. He may wish to keep those skeletons locked securely in that proverbial closet. If an addict still has a job, home and family, why devote the extra time? If the addict is a trusted professional, he may fear discovery will effect or end his career.  And what about the addict who sees how unhealthy his life really has been, but believes it’s now up to the others in his life to adapt?

Everyone wants to believe they are strong and can handle things themselves. Maybe it’s a sign of weakness to continue, when they really wish everyone would just forget about things and go on with life. These sort of rationalizations have sent many an abstinent person back to the bar before he knows what hit him. He has no resources when that inevitable crisis hits, or may have no understanding of why it happened when all was going “so well.” All these stumbling blocks can and should be addressed to improve the odds of long term sobriety.

By removing the obstacles to recovery and focusing on one day at a time, we can form a solid foundation to build a healthy new life.

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