The Pros and Cons of an Intervention

When Is an Intervention Needed?

take the right path of intervention Discovering that a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol can be shocking. You may worry about the health concerns that can arise or you may not be sure about the appropriate steps to seek treatment. While an intervention can be helpful when it is handled appropriately, you must also be aware of the potential downsides of staging an intervention.

Pros of an Intervention

The benefits of an intervention can be obvious and can be easy to overlook. The primary benefits include:
  •     Family involvement
  •     Helping a loved one seek treatment
  •     Informing a loved one about the addiction
Psych Central states that family involvement can play a significant role in the success of treatment, so a key reason that an intervention can be helpful to your loved one is by getting others involved. Family and friends offer support, which can make the detoxification process and the treatment seem less intimidating.Family involvement can help you explain why the substance abuse is getting out of control and how it is impacting everyone who is involved with the individual using drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, an intervention allows you to help a loved one seek appropriate treatment based on his or her needs.

Cons of an Intervention

While there are key benefits of setting up an intervention, you do not want to overlook the possible downsides. Some individuals may react in unexpected ways, which can make the intervention less effective than you may expect.The possible downsides of an intervention include:
  •     Negative emotional reactions, particularly in children
  •     Denial from a loved one who is using drugs or alcohol
  •     Potentially dangerous mood swings associated with substance abuse
  •     Challenge of maintaining calm
Even though family is important in the treatment process, there is a possibility that an intervention will have an emotional toll on everyone involved. It may not be appropriate to involve children or teenaged young adults who are the children of the individual using drugs, since it may cause emotional trauma or difficulties for younger individuals.

Denial is Powerful

Your loved one may deny that he or she has a problem, so it may take longer to explain than you expect. Due to the substance abuse, you and any other individual involved in the intervention may face unexpected behavior from the individual using drugs or alcohol. Your loved one may have dramatic mood swings, and sometimes that can result in dangerous behavior during an intervention.A key part of staging a successful intervention is remaining calm and avoiding blame. That can be difficult when a loved one has behaved erratically and caused a variety of emotional and physical injuries while abusing drugs or alcohol.

Seek Professional Help for an Intervention

There are benefits and downsides to setting up an intervention. Since it can potentially become dangerous, you should always work with a professional and have arrangements for treatment ready so that your loved one can get help as soon as the intervention is complete. Professionals can mediate and reduce the number of risks if you think an intervention is a necessary part of helping a friend or family member.

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