Prisoner Overdoses on Methadone-soaked Underwear

prisoner overdoses on methadone-soaked underwearPrisoner Overdoses on Methadone soaked Underwear and Dies

It’s tempting to lose hope when we read news items about the lengths addicts will go to when seeking their next high. Instead of giving in to despair, try to use these sad instances as life lessons, as predictive tools that show you what awaits at the end of the dark addiction road. One recent incident illustrates the depths an addict will sink to, but take the above words to heart before following this tragic news item.

Toward the end of August, 2014, various news sources put pen to paper and finger to keyboard to illustrate yet another example of how addiction robs an individual of self-respect and all hopes of a prosperous future. A prisoner overdoses on methadone-soaked underwear was the headline for these unbelievable articles, but truth is often stranger than fiction, and the articles were proven correct. An inmate at a Kentucky prison did indeed ingest a section of drug-laced underwear in hopes of getting a high from boxer shorts that had been saturated in methadone, a narcotic commonly used as a painkiller and a substitute for heroin.

The tale begins with a single inmate, Micheal Jones, and a day freed from incarceration due to compassionate leave. He returned to prison as scheduled, but the odorless, colorless substance had been soaked into his underwear. It was a clever move, but cunning is a better word to describe an act that led to the end of a life. A prisoner overdoses on methadone-soaked underwear, remember that news headline as reported in newspapers far beyond the boundaries of the state of Kentucky ( It’s not likely to be the last such incidence, not when addicts are filling prisons to capacity, and they continue to come up with calculated schemes as plotted by quickly failing minds.

The mind of an addict is lost to dependency, to alcohol or drugs or some other addictive influence. Their thoughts are trapped in a prison cell of their own making, and this cage is placed inside a physical cage to form the ultimate prison of both mind and body. Look to our young to avoid similar cases (, to our lost loved ones locked up in government facilities, for incarceration is no guarantee of isolation from harmful substances. Indeed, a single ripped up piece of underwear can kill when a lone man misappropriates a day-release scheme to gain hold of methadone and end a life.

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