Prison Worker Smuggles Drugs Into Aramark Prison

prison worker smuggles drugsTragic Drug Smuggling Incident at Aramark Prison; Prison Worker Smuggles Drugs In

Aramark Prison Worker Smuggles DrugsOn September 16, 2014, an unidentified food service worker who was employed at the Aramark prison was caught smuggling marijuana into the facility. Five prisoners were found to also have cocaine, heroin, and tobacco in their possession. A total of 39 packets of the drugs were found. Not only is it illegal and tragic, it is also enablement to an infinite degree.

Of the prison population nationally, a good many were abused sexually as children (about 14% of men and 36% of women according to the current statistics of Childhelp) and are still having struggles with that. A good majority (80%) of those who experienced abuse as a child also tend to meet the criteria for one psychological disorder by age 21. Throw drug abuse and addiction on top of that and it’s almost guaranteed to start a cycle of self-destruction and further crime. It has also been found that those who were abused as children are nine times more likely than the average population to become involved in illegal activities and crime.

The recent Aramark drug-smuggling incident is the second in the facility to have gone public since they began a $145-million three-year contract in December 2013. Since the prison’s privatization, it has been struggling with shortage of staff, unrest among its inmates, meal shortages and unlawful meal substitutions. All of the above have bred over-familiarity between the staff and the inmates. In July 2013, there was also a firing of four of the Aramark employees for inappropriate sexual conduct with some of the inmates.

As for the prison worker caught smuggling drugs, the individual has been arrested and the case has been turned over to the Michigan police. When a prison worker smuggles drugs into the facility, it is almost equally as illegal and unsafe as dealing drugs out in the streets. Places like prisons and detention centers are not called “correctional facilities” for nothing. It is the job of the staff of those facilities to set as best an example for their inmates as possible not only in order to keep their inmates healthy and free from harm but also to set an example for them of respectful and honest living. Smuggling drugs into prisons and other correctional facilities achieves none of the above in any way whatsoever.Sources:

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