Pete Doherty Writes About Addiction

Pete Doherty talks about is addiction problemPete Doherty Writes About Addiction and How He Finally Came to His Senses

Pete Doherty made quite a name for himself in music and drugs, being one of Hollywood’s most notorious junkies. He was seen everywhere with the late Amy Whinehouse. They denied any rumors about their relationship, but after Amy’s death, Pete came forward and talked about their relationship as lovers and his mourning for her. Pete was in a British band called the Libertines, in 2002. The band was a huge success, but that did not last long. The Libertines split, due to Pete’s serious problems with drugs. He unsuccessfully underwent multiple rehab stints that were usually court ordered. He spent time in prison for multiple offenses. Pete was even blamed for nearly wrecking the career of Kate Moss, who was his girlfriend at the time. Kate was photographed in 2005 doing drugs in Pete’s recording studio. Pete is currently at the Hope Rehab Center in Thailand. He is currently undergoing treatment and admits he is finally clean and sober. In his new found sobriety, Pete took pen to paper, to write about his struggles and feelings.

“I just thought I was having ‘fun,’ I didn’t think I had a problem; I never even considered that I was an addict,” Pete states in his letter. Pete did not see the damage then, as he does now. In his letter, he writes about all of the regrets he has now, but on a stronger note, he writes about how he is going to make things better. “I’ve been thinking about my life, my loss of friends, relationships, opportunities, money, my values.” Pete continues on, “There’s also the loss of a relationship with my son and my daughter, who I’ve only met once. All that loss; I just got so good at blocking it out.” After multiple attempts by Pete’s father to get him into rehab, Pete’s father finally gave up on him and vowed never to see him again till he was sober. Hopefully Pete can now rekindle his relationship with his father and his children.

Pete states that he never wanted to get clean before now. He believes this is the first time he has ever thought, “I’ve got to go.” Pete seems to be on a mission to reclaim the live that drugs and partying stole from him. He his big plans for the future, that include getting back in the studio with his band. Another goal he has is raising money for addicts that cannot afford treatment. Pete sates, “Once I’m a bit further along in my recovery, I’m going to do a few shows to raise money for people who really want to get clean and need this treatment.”

Pete concludes in his letter, “To anyone struggling with addiction, I would say this: just hang on, hang on. There is a way out.” He continues, “You will heal. I don’t care how much damage you’ve done, you can heal.” Pete urges addicts, “I would say ask someone for help, just get yourself along to an NA or AA meeting, you’ll be amazed. I know I was.”

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