Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

outpatient alcohol rehab

While most recommend inpatient alcohol treatment whenever possible, there are cases where that is neither possible nor the best choice. Reasons vary, and run the gamut from childcare or financial issues to health problems and where one is at in the progression of the disease. For some, outpatient alcohol rehab makes the most sense.

Outpatient rehab strategies

Outpatient alcohol rehabs use many of the same treatment strategies that inpatient models do. Education, relapse prevention, and immersion in recovery principles are still part of the process, but at the end of the “work” day, the participating clients leave the treatment center and return to their lives. Often, there is homework, such as attending support group meetings and reading recovery-oriented material.While the “relaxing while learning” element is removed from the picture, key principles are not changed. Some strategies are especially highlighted, though, with the knowledge that participants will have to return daily to the home environment with all it’s stressors.

More treatment options may help overcome addiction

Each day the alcoholic leaves the rehab he has to resist the watering holes, drinking buddies and liquor stores he may pass on the way home. Clients learn to recognize and avoid triggers right off the bat, since daily temptations are still within reach.One also begins to form a sober routine, crucial for change. Due to the absence of supervision when attending outpatient rehab, one must show a strong willingness to change to even think about attending outpatient alcohol rehab, since there is nothing to stop a relapse when left to his own devices in those first early weeks.

It is possible to learn enough to stay clean if the alcoholic has a real desire to arrest his alcoholism. For others however, being in an environment away from their daily lives is more beneficial for recovery.Taking all of the information available into account may leave one asking, “Outpatient alcohol rehab is not for everyone and you may need help assessing whether it is the right choice for you to effectively help you cease your struggles with addict for good. Speaking with a counselor can help you make the right decision.


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