Nick Gordon Interview With Dr. Phil

nick gordon dr phil interview turns into an intervention for alcoholismThe Nick Gordon Interview With Dr. Phil Turns Into An Intervention

With all of the drama and headlines about Nick Gordon and his relationship and role in the Bobbi Kristina incident, Dr. Phil was sent in to interview him on the situation. Dr. Phil explains that the interview turned into an intervention on the spot. According to Dr. Phil, Nick Gordon showed up drunk to the interview and was unable to control his emotions to answer any of Dr. Phil’s questions. Dr. Phil explains that Gordon would be talking to him, having a normal conversation, and then all of the sudden Gordon would fall to the ground hysterically crying and then get up and start playing Whitney Houston songs on his phone.

Dr. Phil knew then that he had to switch the interview into an intervention. Dr. Phil explains that he did not want another person dead from alcohol and drugs. It was rumored that Gordon has spent the time since Bobbi Kristina’s hospitalization drinking whiskey and taking pills. Sources believe he is doing this, because he has no idea on how to cope with everything that has happened and possibly feels guilty for the recent events that have transpired. He is also dealing with being under investigation for the attempted murder of Bobbi Kristina, which can also cause someone to become very stressed out.

Dr. Phil said that Gordon admitted that he had a fight with Bobbi Kristina Brown before she was found unresponsive in the bathtub. Gordon claims he went to sleep after a long night of partying. He claims had no idea Bobbi Kristina was in need of medical assistance until the cable guy came the next morning. Some wonder if there is more to his story then what he is admitting. Gordon claims he quit doing hard drugs like heroin and cocaine immediately after Bobbi Kristina was found in the condition she was in.

Bobbi Kristina’s high school friend Steven Stepho, claimed that he had stayed with Bobbi Kristina and Gordon for a few months before the tragedy. Stepho claims the couple’s drug use was out of control and they were constantly abusing drugs and alcohol. Stepho states, “Bobbi and Nick would spend a lot on drugs every day, it just depended on how much money they had.” Stepho continued, “It wasn’t unusual for them to spend $1,000 a day on drugs.” Stepho goes into detail, “There were times when it got really bad, they would be completely passed out for hours, just lying there on the bed.” Stepho explains, “There were times when she would be so knocked out she would burn herself with a cigarette and not even notice. She was always covered in cigarette burns.” This goes to show just how bad drugs can really be. Bobbi Kristina had the money and the means to do anything and she chose to do drugs. Sources are saying Gordon had a lot to do with Bobbi Kristina entering that lifestyle, but for now Gordon is in a rehab center trying to get sober and clearly explain the situation that occurred with Bobbi Kristina.

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