New Local Group Educates About Drug Addiction

New Local Group Educates About Drug AddictionNew Year, New Mission, In Oregon City a New Local Group Educates About Drug Addiction

Drugs cause pain or loss to almost everyone who uses them and to almost everyone who knows anyone who uses them. More powerful than most people can imagine, drugs take commanding control of a person’s life and often end it. A new local group educates about drug addiction, inspired by the tragic story of an Oregon City mother who lost her son to heroin addiction. More people die from drug abuse than from automobile accidents, and the local group is trying to make the 33,000 deaths each year avoidable.

Supporting Efforts to Prevent Addiction Raising Heroin Education is giving the bereaved mother a way to cope with her tragic loss. The group’s website at gives everyone an opportunity to participate in fundraising projects that support the educational goals. Intervening in the lives of addicted relatives is a step that anyone can take to help prevent a disastrous loss of life.

Understanding Drugs’ Effect on the Brain The path that led to the death of the 30-year-old Oregon City man started with meth and pills, and it concluded with heroin. The National Institute on Drug Abuse offers an explanation for the typical path that many drug abusers take. The great danger is the effect that chemicals have on the brain’s communication system, altering the way that brain cells normally process information. The result is that the chemical substances replace the brain’s natural communication messengers and produce a dire effect.

The brain’s “reward circuit” gets too much stimulation from drugs, and stopping drug use when these changes occur is extremely difficult. It is easy to assume that drug abusers have no moral principles or willpower, but such assumptions are untrue. Drug addiction is a disease that changes the brain and makes it demand more drugs. With professional help, drug addicts can stop abusing drugs.Experiencing Physical Damage from Drug Abuse The physical effects of drug abuse vary according to different substances, but addiction to any drug is potentially devastating. Typical impact on the body includes slowed breathing, rapid heart rate, tremors, and seizures. Respiratory arrest can occur from inhaling substances that discourage the desire to breathe, according to LiveStrong. Damage to the liver is a common result of drug abuse, along with gastric ulcers, and reduced blood flow in the intestines.

The cardiovascular system is at risk when drug abuse slows the heart rate or disrupts it severely enough to cause death. An increase in blood pressure and the occurrence of cardiac arrest are common effects of drug abuse. Shared needles and risky sexual behavior among drug abusers increase the negative effects on the body.

Taking Preventive Action Drug abuse is preventable, and a new local group educates about drug addiction. Education helps potential drug users understand the dangers to the brain and the body. Self-preservation is a powerful force that can guide people of all ages away from taking the risks that are present in drug abuse.

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