Help for Native American Substance Abuse

Native American Substance Abuse

Native Americans have a long and rich history of culture and tradition that dates back to the very beginning of North America, but along with those deep roots comes a dark battle: fighting substance abuse.When Europeans came to North America, they brought with them a variety of diseases and conditions that the natives had never experienced before and simply were not ready to face. Drugs and alcohol were perhaps one of the most dangerous, and Native Americans had not built up the same kind of tolerance and thus became addicted easily. Today, Native American substance abuse remains an incredibly serious issue within the culture that affects a large segment of people.

How large? According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the early 2000’s, 1 in every 10 Native American deaths is related to alcohol. In fact, that same study found that 11.7 percent of Native American deaths were alcohol related, while the rest of the nation only had a 3.3 percent rate.For those Native Americans that are dealing with substance abuse issues, finding the right programs and getting treatment is of the utmost importance, and one of the main ways of ending the cycle of substance abuse that has continued to plague Native Americans.Read more:


Native American Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Native American substance abuse programs typically try to provide something more than the standard 12-step method. Although they are not limited to people of Native American descent, they tend to focus on a treatment that incorporates Native American culture, tradition, and spirituality in the battle against substance abuse.

What does this mean specifically? Just a few examples of the kinds of elements that are often included in these treatment programs are:

  • sweat lodges
  • ceremonies
  • drum circles
  • talking circles

The idea is that by strengthening core beliefs of a Native American, he or she can lean on their family and ethical foundation in order to overcome the battle with substance abuse. Many of these programs will also invite Native American elders and community leaders to participate and lead the spirituality-based treatment activities.

Unfortunately, these programs are still rare, even though they have continued to grow since they were first introduced in the 1970s. Whether you are a Native America or just a person looking to get a more spiritual-based approach to your substance abuse treatment, these types of programs might be the catalyst to help you overcome your substance abuse challenges – and you can overcome them.

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