Michaela Diemer Struggled With Alcohol Her Entire Life

Michaela Diemer Struggled With AlcoholThe 31-year-old Found Dead After A Month-long Search, Michaela Diemer Struggled With Alcohol

The body of 31 one year old Michaela Diemer was found on Wednesday, September 24, 2014, a month after she was reported missing. After her death, her parents explained the tragic struggle she had with alcoholism. In fact, her last days alive were spent living in a homeless shelter, while dealing with her alcoholism. It is heartbreaking to hear that was how her life ended, but unfortunately that is what happens when someone struggles with alcoholism.

Michaela Diemer struggled with alcohol almost her entire life. Diemer was remembered by most as a kindhearted and caring individual. Michaela Diemer and her mother Rhonda Kaman graduated from Marymount Hospital’s nursing school together in 2001. Diemer went on to get a job working at Arden Courts, which is a senior care center focusing on Alzheimer patients. Despite being a caring and loving individual, her demons, alcoholism, controlled her life.

In December of 2000, she received her first DUI. That seemed to get the ball rolling on a downward path. Looking through her records there seemed to be a pattern. Every other year there seemed to be some kind of charge related to alcohol. She moved from her home in Ohio to California, which did not help in any right. In 2011, Michaela was lying drunk in a fast food parking lot, shouting at costumers. Police arrested her and within 3 months, the California’s Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians suspended Michaela’s nursing license. This did not stop her from being the loving person she was at heart. She volunteered to be a mentor for youths and did activities with what they call her little sister, which is a female youth that was paired up with Michaela.

Eventually, Diemer’s mother was able to convince her daughter to return home. Her parents were divorced, but set a common ultimatum. Diemer could live with either of her parents and get her act back together as long as she did not drink. That ultimatum did not last long. Her mother kicked her out in August. She did not want to, but needed to. Her mother did still pay for her cellphone and 2013 car.

Diemer stayed at a homeless shelter for women. She even suggested that her mother join her there, to hear the stories these homeless women told and to help them out. Even when Michaela was in a bad situation herself, she wanted to help others. That is the sad truth about alcoholism, it drowns out your ability to shine as yourself and puts you in bad situations.

A few days before the death of Diemer, she worked for Minute Men, clearing trash at Progressive Field. Her family heard from her the last time on August 20th. The family reported her missing on August 24th. There was a red flag that went off in her mother’s head when she remember a text Michaela sent her. It was along the lines of having an admirer, but that he was not her type. This admirer was her supervisor, Ronald Hillman, who is a convicted sex offender. He lured Diemer into a vacant home, assaulted, and killed her. Hillman dumped her body in an open field, next to train tracks. It was such a tragic end to someone so bright. Michaela Diemer struggled with alcohol and it lead her on a sad path to her death.

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