Why Does Meth Addiction Happen?

Before we can answer that question, we first need to understand what meth is and how it’s used.

does meth addictionThough meth addiction might seem like a relatively new phenomenon, methamphetamine has actually been around since 1919. In the 1930’s, the drug was first used by American doctors as a treatment for asthma and narcolepsy. Soon thereafter, people started to take notice of the drug’s euphoric effects, and by the 1950’s, it was widely abused recreationally.

To increase meth’s effectiveness, dealers created the crystal form of the drug that most people are familiar with today. Compared to its pharmacological counterpart, crystal meth is 4 to 6 times stronger. (Vermont Department of Health)Methamphetamine’s effects are many. The drug’s chief effect is an over-production of dopamine in the body. When dopamine floods the brain, the user experiences a sense of overwhelming well-being.

Meth is one of the easiest drugs to find, largely due to the number of suppliers or “meth labs” found in major population areas. Despite the risks associated with producing the drug, meth dealers brave the odds and take the health and legal risks to make lots of money.Along with euphoria, meth also increases sex drive and enhances the sexual experience itself. It is also a first-class stimulant and will keep the user up for many hours – sometimes days, depending upon frequency of use.Read more about how meth rehab centers greatly increase your chances of overcoming addiction.

So, why does meth addiction happen?

People often begin using meth (which can quickly lead to addiction) in two ways. The most common of these is being introduced to the drug casually or recreationally, such as at a party, club or social gathering. The amplified feelings that result from use can cause someone who’s used the drug once or a few times to become addicted easily. Meth is relatively inexpensive compared to other drugs such as cocaine, so there’s little cause for the user to worry about running out.The other common way people become exposed to meth is due to a functional purpose. Stimulants, in general, help people to shed pounds quickly and easily. Add this to the enhanced sensory feelings of euphoria and a desirable weight loss drug may be the result. People in jobs that require them to be very alert are also at risk. The gradual effects of the drug may not easily be detected or noticed and in no time, casual functional users may become hooked, unaware of the destruction to their bodies and lives the drug may cause.

Why does meth addiction happen? Because the drug works effectively meets the user’s desires for both functional and recreational purposes. Unfortunately, even though it may seem to give you what you want, meth completely destroys your body and mind.

Early symptoms of meth use are fairly generalized and may include:

  • Suppressed appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Chattiness
  • Dilated pupils
  • Incessant perspiration

Secondary (long-term use) symptoms are more worrisome:

  • Open sores on skin
  • “Meth mouth”,  which may include tooth rotting or loss of teeth
  • Foul body odor
  • Sudden cases of adult acne
  • Violent or aggressive behavior
  • Nose bleeds
  • Cognitive disorders and chronic and serious medical conditions

Worse, it’s really hard to give up meth. Upon withdrawal, mental depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts may result and many people go back to using the drug just to make it stop, which reinforces the addiction. At this point, the question changes from “why does meth addiction happen?” to “how do you overcome meth addiction?”There are no easy answers, but immediate professional help is strongly encouraged. Don’t be afraid to get the support of your family and friends, and enroll in an professional treatment program and stick with it.

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