Meth Addict Symptoms

Meth Addict Symptoms

When someone uses meth, there are a lot of signs associated with it, such as “meth mouth” and an emaciated body. But if you wait until those more obvious meth addict symptoms appear, the person using it is already likely to be deep into their addiction.It’s important to know that many professionals believe that anyone who uses meth is automatically an addict. Even after just one time, the drug can have such strong effects on the user’s body, that it’s hard to stop. (Healthy Place)

What does that mean? Essentially, that the best way to get a meth user to stop is to spot early meth addict symptoms that may not be as obvious. It may not make treatment easier, but if you’re lucky, you can at least help them before they cause more permanent damage to their body and mind.Read how meth rehab centers can help overcome addiction

Early Meth Addict Symptoms

We mentioned “meth mouth” and emaciation, but those meth addict symptoms are pretty hard to miss. Seeing a mouth full of cracked, rotting, or missing teeth is an obvious result of meth abuse. Determining that someone is a meth user because they’re too skinny isn’t as clear-cut (they could be anorexic or have other problems), but it, too, is an incredibly noticeable sign.Get-The-Help-You-Deserve

If you’re trying to catch the problem earlier than the point at which these effects show,  your job is a bit more difficult. Here are some early meth addict symptoms to watch for. None of them are a sure sign of use on their own, but taken together, they can definitely point to possible meth use.

  • Borrowing, selling, stealing. Even after just that first experience, most meth users care about just one thing – the next one. They’ll do anything to feel that high again, even if it means selling off all of their possessions and then moving on to yours.
  • Bad hygiene. People who use meth tend to let themselves go quickly. They stop showering, combing their hair, and washing their clothes. Even beyond this, many have a chemical, ammonia-like smell.
  • Obsessive, energetic behavior. Meth gives users a burst of energy that may cause them to be continually moving, talking without pause, or doing things like taking apart and putting together furniture and electronics to stay busy. The behavior can seem OCD-like, but there’s less of an obsession with the actual activity and more with activity in general.
  • Burn marks. Users frequently burn themselves on their fingers and mouth when getting high.
  • Weird sleeping patterns. Do you know someone who stays up for days without sleeping, then follows that with days of rest? Meth addicts often do this because the drug keeps them up until their energy reserves are totally spent.
  • Paranoia and danger. Many users obsess over the idea of people watching them and often talk about being in danger when there’s no reason to suspect trouble. This is one of the first signs of the psychotic behavior that meth can cause.

If someone you know displays several of these meth addict symptoms, contact a treatment center for advice and do what you can to convince them to get into treatment to prevent the problem from worsening.

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