Meth Filled Drone Crashes in Tijuana

Drones are used to smuggle drugs and send them all over and a drone filled with meth crashes and gets bustedMeth Filled Drone Crashes on the Way to California

Drug dealers have been finding new ways to deliver and hide their illegal activity for decades. A meth filled drone is the newest method for delivering some of those drugs, but the plan did not work out exactly as planned. Mexican police officials said that a drone crashed in the parking lot of a local grocery store in Tijuana. The officers said there was more than six pounds of methamphetamine’s attached to it.

Meth filled drone crashes may be caused by the extensive weight of the drug that are attached to these drones. There were approximately six packets of the popular street drug on this drone found in Tijuana. Attempts such as this have been made around the world including a drone that was found outside a prison in the United States. Officers reported that it was filled with cell phones, marijuana and tobacco. That incident occurred in South Carolina.In 2013, drug traffickers attempted to use a cannon to catapult marijuana from Mexico into California. PVC pipe, an air compressor and a vehicle motor were all they needed to make the attempt. One of the most drastic measures used to transport drugs was when a woman allowed her breasts to be implanted with cocaine in order to avoid detection. Her implants were seized and she is most likely doing serious time because of her error in judgment.

In October of 2011, the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime reported that approximately $1.6 trillion worth of drugs were illicitly transported around the world. It also reported that only about one percent of those funds were detected and confiscated. Drugs affect the people who use them, their families and even the government. After all, the sales from these drugs are rarely, if ever, reported to the government for taxation.

There were 19,844 drug arrest made in 1986 when the “War on Drugs” began. That number nearly doubled by 2013, according to the DEA website. That was in the United States alone therefore may not be an accurate representation of the success in fighting against drugs worldwide. Unfortunately, many of the drugs smuggled around the world are addictive and deadly. It is true that some areas of the United States have legalized the use of marijuana, but the worst form of drugs are addictive ones such as heroin, oxycodone and cocaine.

Meth filled drone crashes may not be the worst thing that could happen in an attempted to smuggle drugs. Some people even hide a stash of cocaine in their rectum. All methods for smuggling are serious crimes that could land the offender serious jail time if they are caught in possession of illegal drugs. It is a dangerous game to play and usually not worth the cost when all is said and done.

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