Dangers of Marijuana

dangers of marijuana

Lots of people laugh at the thought of the dangers of marijuana abuse. It is seen as a relatively harmless drug that’s common to experiment with and then outgrow. While this is true for the vast majority of people, that doesn’t mean it works that way for everyone.

Marijuana abuse is a real and serious issue, and there is quite a bit of recent evidence to show that marijuana is psychologically addictive. Those who become addicted to marijuana may not have to deal with many of the physical problems that other drugs abusers face, but there are still uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Just a few of these include trouble sleeping, boredom, anxiousness, cravings, irritability, and more.

And just like other addicts, they tend to develop a singular focus for their drug of choice, often neglecting other parts of their life. They may also deny that they have a problem and some even find that their tolerance goes up, requiring them to use more marijuana to achieve the same effect.But the dangers of marijuana don’t end there. Though, only a small percentage of marijuana users have been shown to become addicts, there are many that abuse the drug. What’s the difference?


Someone can easily be guilty of marijuana or cannabis abuse without becoming an addict. Those addicted to marijuana suffer negative effects when they try to stop using it and may continue to crave the drug. Abusers, in contrast, are simply those who continue to use or unable to stop using it despite the drug causing problems in their life. What kind of problems?

Job loss and academic failure

One of the dangers of marijuana is that it has been known to lessen motivation and make people more forgetful. Even if you get caught smoking or carry the scent of marijuana, these are signs your employer may notice as a contributing factor to arriving late to work and missed days. Teachers and schools may also notice and reprimand students for this sort of behavior.

Legal trouble

Although more states are legalizing marijuana, at least for certain uses including regulated and medical use, the vast majority still consider smoking or possessing it against the law. Beyond that, you can’t drive or operate heavy machinery after using it. If you are caught doing so, you will face serious legal ramifications.

Relationship problems

When your first thought in the morning and your last thought before going to bed at night is getting high, it can’t help but take a toll on your relationship. Do you want lose your significant other because you’re choosing to spend your time, energy, and money on marijuana use instead?

These are just a few of the dangers of marijuana that many people may not be aware of. Those who use synthetic marijuana can suffer from even worse problems. If you think that you need help, or feel you are beginning to face these dangers, seek out a professional treatment program.

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