Equine Therapy Saving Troubled Minds

equine therapy

The human mind finds refuge and resolution in many kinds of therapy. The release of emotion and facing traumatic events with a therapist is often thought of as the traditional means to salve the mind, and it is very effective, but there are other ways of releasing past pain and starting to heal. There are other tools available to the troubled, the addicted and the desperate. We can use these alternate ways to turn around and move away from addiction, to find strength when we don’t have any of our own. Equine therapy leads addictive personalities and those burdened with mental problems out of the fog of confusion toward new horizons of clarity.

There’s not anything revolutionary about using animals to heal mental strife.

Patients have used animals as a source of strength and energy for many decades now, with animals turning up at hospitals to interact with young patients, brightening their days and chasing away despair. Equine therapy is thought of in the same way, initiating and facilitating a natural, transformative healing energy to patients recovering from addictions, although they may be a touch too large for hospital visiting. There’s a feeling of connection to nature and the tranquility of the earth when a troubled individual meets a horse for the first time. Equine therapy is the smoothing out of repetitive patterns, the breaking of harmful habits by use of these friendly creatures and their therapeutic, easy-going demeanor.

It may start with something as simple as meeting the animal for the first time, making introductions and allowing them to nuzzle the patient before leading the horse around a few circuits in a field. In time, the patient learns to communicate with the horse at a profound level, forming a strong bond capable of easing the effects of depression and addictive habits. No riding is necessary, just the quiet, patient communication between animal and patient.Read more: Luxury Rehab

Why would I try Equine Therapy?

Those resistant to traditional therapy can quickly find new doorways opening in their minds as they experience equine therapy. Hopefully, once the therapy has progressed somewhat, the troubled individual will find it within themselves to open up and begin a one on one rapport with a therapist, but meantime, the horse will continue to work wonders on their attitude, unlocking their minds to the possibility of a new, improved life free of pain, confusion and depression.

The mind is a complex structure that may never be fully understood, but we have always known what a social creature mankind is, seeking out interaction with others. Equine therapy is a key to reaching into the distant, turned away mind of the mentally stressed individual. Hopefully, they’ll respond to that interaction, meeting the horse partway and learning to communicate and let go of trauma, with the help of this friendly, gentle animal.

We’re still learning how far equine therapy can take us, but interaction between horse and human has been proven to help depression, addiction recovery, trauma related experiences such as abuse, and so much more.


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