Listing Services for Addiction Rehabilitation

Listing Services for Addiction Rehabilitation

There are many listing services for addiction rehabilitation but not all of them are created equal. Some of these services specialize only in drug treatment facilities; others, only in alcohol treatment facilities. Many are little more than lists, simply providing the names and contact information for facilities by location. This may prove not to be very helpful if you’re trying to research the right place for you. And comprehensive listing services for addiction rehabilitation may even charge you a fee for their assistance.None of these things are very attractive for someone who believes she has a problem and wants to learn more so that she can put her life back on track. So, what should you look for in listing services for addiction rehabilitation?

A focus on education

A simple list of facilities tells you nothing you couldn’t find in a phone book or (probably more accurately these days) by doing a Google search. Look for listing services for addiction rehabilitation that seek to educate you about the different kinds of treatment that are available and pinpoint the facilities that seem like they would best fit your needs. Do you know the difference between inpatient and outpatient rehab? Should you look for a place that offers dual diagnosis treatment (treatment for two simultaneous mental or physical challenges)?


There is an overwhelming amount of information online to help yourself or your loved one with addiction, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to find the information that you need. Effective listing services for addiction rehabilitation compile these resources for you or even offer personal email or phone assistance to recommend a service for your situation so that you can minimize the time spent searching so you can spend your time wisely getting the help that you need. Is it better to seek out free treatment, use your insurance, or pay out of pocket? How does intervention work? What can friends and family members do to help support you during treatment? How does addiction differ from substance to substance? What local organizations are available?


No cost to you

Avoid trusting listing services for addiction rehabilitation that want to charge you for the work that they do. Services that ask you for money are simply taking advantage of you at one of the vulnerable point in your life, and any organization that intends to collect money in exchange for their information when you need help is not the most effective use of time and money. Most addiction rehabilitation listing services tell you up front that they are free, so if you don’t see this information when first coming across the resource, look at the fine print or simply find a different place to help you.


Few details can tell you more about the usefulness of listing services for addiction rehabilitation than what real clients have to say. That means you should seek out reviews, testimonials, and information from the Better Business Bureau about the resource. The most trusted services tend to have many satisfied clients willing to sing their praises, and people will always complain if they had a bad experience. You should look for reviews where customers refer to specifics like getting help with finding facilities within their budget and learning the difference between different kinds of treatment programs. This will be a huge sign that the service is willing to spend time on your individual situation and treat you like a person instead of referring you to the first place they find.

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