LGBT Friendly Rehab

LGBT friendly rehab

Alcohol addiction and substance abuse issues plague every group imaginable. Addiction is a problem that does not only affect certain groups of people or certain ethnicities—it’s a problem that can take hold of anybody. And once you are facing these issues, finding a rehab center that will make you feel comfortable and at home can be the difference between success and failure.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or LGBT friendly rehab centers offer a specific type of treatment for people in their community who are facing alcohol or drug abuse issues. These programs aim to go beyond the addiction itself and address the deeper issues as to why an LGBT person may have gotten lost in the cycle of abuse in the first place. Members of the LGBT community often face prejudice, discrimination and homophobia on a daily basis, and these types of programs aim to connect those daily struggles with a person’s addiction issues or take them into consideration.

Types of Issues LGBT Friendly Rehab Programs Deal With

LGBT friendly rehab programs try to address issues such as person’s sexuality, gender identity, family situation, and social dynamics. These programs also address issues such as prejudice, intolerance amongst the LGBT community, family rejection, depression, anxiety, and outside social pressures.

According to various studies, ecstasy, gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), and cocaine are the most common substances abused by LGBT males, while alcohol is the substance of choice for females. The LGBT community has one of the highest rates for substance abuse, but are sorely lacking in treatment programs. A national study conducted by the LGBT Constituency Committee found that of all treatment programs in the United States, only six percent have programs and services for LGBT members.


Why You Should Find LGBT Friendly Rehab Treatment

Receiving treatment is the first and foremost concern for anyone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, including members of the LGBT community. However, if that person can find the right type of rehab program that addresses the deeper issues as to why the addiction began in the first place, he or she might have a better chance at staying sober and overcoming those powerful urges.

There are multiple resources online that can help a person dealing with addiction issues to find an LGBT friendly alcohol and drug rehab center. And even though LGBT programs are not as common as standard rehab treatment programs, they are out there and ready to help members of the LGBT community regain control of their lives. The first step to getting sober is finding the right type of treatment, and an LGBT rehab program may be the perfect setting for people dealing with deeper addiction issues.

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