LGBT Substance Abuse Treatment

abuse treatment for gayReceiving alcohol and drug treatment is a very specialized process—and a growing trend has been for patients to enter a program that specifically fits their needs. For gay men, receiving treatment from a program that understands the issues of the gay community can really help the treatment be effective.According to studies reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), gay men have a higher rate of alcohol and drug abuse, are less likely to stay away from drugs, and have a higher probability of continuing to be heavy drinkers later in life. Many experts believe that these higher than normal substance abuse rates are a result of the often negative public perception that gay men still receive in today’s society.Today, there are programs specially designed treatment for gay men for alcohol and drug addiction. These aim to help their patients deal with more than just their addiction issues by helping them to overcome mental health issues, sexual identity issues, prejudice, and homophobia. By working to specialize their treatment for gay men, rehab professionals are able to dig deeper into the reasons behind why the addiction and dependency may have begun in the first place.Get-The-Help-You-Deserve

How Drug Abuse Treatment for Gay Men works

Drug and Alcohol abuse treatment for gay men provide a place where gay men can deal with their substance abuse issues without also having to worry about how others might react. The programs offer counseling, group discussion of like-minded people, and a safe and non-judgmental place where a gay person can work on his addictions without feeling overwhelmed in the process.These programs generally run standard treatments and follow the 12-step guide to rehab—the only difference is that they take the needs of the gay community into consideration and implement those ideas into the program. The first step is to search out rehab treatment with programs for gay individuals.

Where to Find Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment for Gay Men

Gay treatment facilities are relatively new, and according to various studies make up only 6 percent of the rehab facilities in the nation. (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) However, there are other programs that are gay friendly, even if they are not gay-specific. The best idea is to search for a program that is concerned with the struggles of the gay community and issues such as self-acceptance, coming out, and dealing with family rejection. The centers should also be staffed by trained and certified therapists who have experience working with addiction in the gay community.If you are struggling with addiction issues, there might be deeper underlying problems involved, and working through those problems in a supportive environment is the best way to overcome your addictions and start a new sober and confident life.

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