Leah Messer Plans on Entering Rehab

Leah Messer Plans on Entering Rehab“Teen Mom 2” Star Leah Messer Plans on Entering Rehab For Drug Abuse

MTV has been known for putting out some controversial shows over the past few years. One of these controversial show that is at the top of the list is “Teen Mom”. This show follows around teenagers that have become pregnant and show how they deal with life on a day to day basis. These teen moms are constantly in the headlines for there bad behavior. The latest one is: “Teen Mom 2” star Leah Messer plans on entering rehab for drug abuse.

While admitting you need help for an addiction is not a problem, but seen as taking the first and biggest step in recovery. The problem is that these teens are getting paid large amounts of money to have their lives displayed on television. It would be one thing if they used this money to better themselves and their family, but most do not. A source that is close to Leah states, “I used to give Leah the pills myself; she’s picked up 30 to 40 pills at a time from me.” The source continues, “She was withdrawing $1,000 a week to buy pills.”

Leah Messer plans on entering rehab, but we are not positive she will. There have been reports that the reality show that made her famous would support her decision and will even pay for her therapy. A source stated, “The last thing they want to see is her going down the same dark path that [co-stars] Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans did.” There are even rumors that MTV itself would pay for Leah to enter rehab, as well as her therapy sessions.

Leah, who had twins on the second season of “Teen Mom”, battled an extreme amount of pressure and stress. One of her twins was constantly at the doctor for medical problems. Leah eventually divorced Corey Simms, remarried, and had another child. Corey reportedly wants to get custody of their twins. There have also been rumors that Jeremy Calvert, her second husband may file for divorce.

A source told “In Touch Weekly”, “She’s confessed to Jeremy that she has a problem, and knows she has no other choice than to go to rehab immediately.” In the past, Leah who is now 22, was accused of abusing prescription pills. The source also explains Leah’s mind frame stating, “She won’t say she has a drug problem or needs rehab.” Instead, Leah prefers to call rehab a “therapy intervention” so she can become a “better person.” Hopefully if she enters rehab, she can address all of the issues she is having. Admitting to an addiction can be difficult to do, but maybe if Leah has some privacy she will be able to open up to a therapist and deal with her issues.

If Leah Messer plans on entering rehab, Simms, will care for their 5 year old twins Ali and Aleeah. Calvert, Leah’s present husband will look after their daughter, Adalynn, who is now 2. Hopefully, Leah will get the help she needs, regardless if she has an addiction or not.http://www.ibtimes.com/teen-mom-2-star-leah-messer-calvert-enter-rehab-drug-abuse-corey-simms-seek-custody-1883935

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