Latest Trends Among Addicts

Latest Trends Among Addicts

Latest Trends Among Addicts: What’s In?

Combating addiction is comparable to shoring a crumbling dam wall; no sooner do we plug one leak than two others appear. The leaks are new addiction trends in our scenario, and the crumbling wall is the limited resources of law enforcement agencies. Applying our metaphor to the latest trends among addicts, these leaks are settling in to our educational establishments, taking root in the high-schools our children dutifully travel to every day.

The young mind may lack judgment, but never underestimate these blossoming intellects and the creative methods they use to corrupt medication. For example, Adderall, a drug used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a prescription drug, but it’s also highly addictive. Adderall manages the symptoms of ADHD, additionally acting as a cognitive focus, which leads the student to view it as a means of extending a long study session. Instead, the highly addictive medication hooks the youngster, acting as a gateway to harder drugs. Adderall is showing a marked 7.4 % rise in abuse ( among 12th graders.

As synthetic drugs and prescription medication insinuates its way into our high-schools, the latest trends among addicts are also redefining adult addiction. A pharmaceutical cornucopia is threading through modern life, easing our woes while presenting a tempting target for illicit drug rings when compared to the uncertainties of employing a conduit of hard drugs sent from South America. Oxycontin, Xanax, and Vicadin are prime culprits, addictive substances that ease pain and depressive states of mind. They’re among the best solutions that are available when used as directed, but, again, abuse is the key term here. These drugs are over-prescribed in our medicated society, and pressed into service as sedatives that create a high accompanied by a craving for more. A glimpse at emergency department data illustrates this concern, showing hospitalization related to these drugs and others as having doubled in the last seven years ( Make no mistake, these drugs may not be new, but the ease of access to each one is creating an addiction emergency all across the world.

Alcohol and marijuana continue to be the drug of choice for most, but the latest trends among addicts shows alternate substances on the horizon. Internet and cell phone addictions are the least of our troubles when our vulnerable loved ones are exploring the huffing of freon and the snorting of bath salts, yet another synthetic produced as a fine powder.

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