Lance Armstrong Car Accident While Intoxicated

Lance Armstrong Car Accident While Intoxicated

Lance Armstrong Car Accident While Intoxicated, Hit Two Parked Cars

Reports keep coming out in the ever-changing story of the hit-and-run involving two parked cars, Lance Armstrong, his girlfriend Anna Hansen, and a handful of lies. In the Lance Armstrong car accident while intoxicated story, what really happened? Who was actually driving the car, and how many different false versions of the story were told before arriving at the truth? Here’s how this story has unfolded so far.

The original storyLance Armstrong hit two parked cars on December 28, but he let his girlfriend take the blame. The two had just left an Aspen Art Museum gala when their GMC Yukon struck the other vehicles. Anna Hansen told the owners of the cars that her “husband” had been driving too fast when turning the corner and left them a phone number. Instead of waiting for the police, she and Armstrong went home.

Police hear a different storyWhen questioned by police, Hansen told a different story: She said she had been driving because Armstrong had too much to drink that night. When investigators noticed this discrepancy between the police report and the statement given to the vehicles’ owners, Hansen changed her story again. She now claims that Armstrong was driving the vehicle, and they had agreed that she should take the blame to avoid negative publicity.

A valet tells his versionA valet who was working at the art museum that night told detectives that Armstrong was driving that night, but “was not stumbling” when he left with Hansen. That doesn’t exactly settle the question of whether he had been drinking.

Police hear yet another versionAfter being questioned regarding her statement that Armstrong had been drinking, Hansen didn’t sound very confident when she retracted it, telling police,”He was not intoxicated, and that was um, you know, I’m sorry I lied to you that morning but I was trying to make [it] sound like, well, I was driving because that was, just, I don’t know…I was just trying to make something up at that time.”

What is the truth?What is the truth of this Lance Armstrong car accident while intoxicated story? The many versions of Hansen’s story make it difficult to sort out what the truth really is. When Hansen said Armstrong was her husband, that was a lie. The couple is not married. When Hansen said she was driving, that turned out to be a lie. Lance Armstrong was driving. When she said Armstrong had “a little bit to drink,” was that a lie or wasn’t it? The story is unfolding in a way that attracts exactly the kind of attention they say they wanted to avoid.

Hansen is not facing any charges, but Armstrong got a summons for failure to report an accident and for driving too fast in snowy road conditions. He now has a court date on March 17.Sources:–lance-armstrong-hit-two-parked-cars–fled–then-girlfriend-took-the-blame-193612173.html–spt.html;_ylt=AwrBJR50s9JUJ1wAhgXQtDMD

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