Jan-Michael Vincent Confesses He Is An Alcoholic

Jan-Michael Vincent Confesses He Is An Alcoholic80’s Heartthrob Jan-Michael Vincent Confesses He Is An Alcoholic

Jan-Michael Vincent has come forward about being an alcoholic. Many are not shocked by this news. This actor best known for his role in the television show Airwolf in the 80’s had a long record of incidents with alcohol. As Jan-Michael Vincent Confesses he is an alcoholic, we look back at his past.From what we can see, Vincent has struggled with alcoholism for most of his life. In 1983, he entered a rehab facility to avoid jail time, due to a drunk driving arrest. In 1984 and in 1985 Vincent was arrested during to bar fights. Vincent also has many assault charges against him, including one from one of his girlfriends, that claimed she had a miscarriage, due to his actions in 1995. After that incident, in 1996 he was again arrested for drunk driving and went back to rehab and was placed on probation. This probation was violated in 2000, when he was caught 3 times for public intoxication and assaulting his at the time fiancee. Vincent was arrested and served 60 days in Orange County Jail.

To Vincent, he said it does not matter how long he has been sober, only that he is here and alive. He admits that if he had to be remembered for one thing in life, it would not be his acting. He said he would want to be remembered for his surfing. Surfing, for him, was his pride and joy.In 2012, Vincent developed a blood infection that resulted in the amputation of his lower half of his right leg A month later, more of his leg was removed when the infection came back. He also suffered many injuries due to car accidents.

On top of all the injuries and problems Vincent had, his worst would be the fact that his daughter, Amber, from his first marriage refuses contact with him. The heartbreaking disconnect between him and his daughter is very difficult. Vincent has had many relationship problems, going through 3 marriages with several abuse cases filed against him. At the age of 70, is he trying to make a connection with his daughter by coming forward with this story? Is he trying to rekindle relationships with other friends and family members?Vincent claims he lives in the now and one can tell he does not like to talk about the past. Hopefully he can more forward with his sobriety and reconnect with the people he cares about.

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