Jailed Woman Hides Money and Drugs in Her Underwear

Jailed Woman Hides Money and Drugs in Her Underwear

Jailed Woman Hides Money and Drugs in Her Underwear In Hopes of Not Being Caught

A jailed woman hides money and drugs in her underwear when she was pulled over by the police for a window tint violation on Tuesday evening. Per a Dayton, Ohio police report, T’Asia Shroud was booked into the Montgomery County Jail, and over $1,700 in cash was found in her bra, along with cocaine, heroin, and marijuana in her underwear.As the officer pulled Stroud, 23, over a strong smell of marijuana was detected and the 2015 rented white Jeep Cherokee was searched. It is not apparent from information released whether there were other behaviors that caused police to pull the woman over.

The suspect was placed in handcuffs, and the office spotted balled up money in her pants pocket, totaling $1,515 per the police report. Another $9 in cash was also found in the Jeep. Two cell phones were also found, drugs, and paraphernalia, including a gelatin capsule of heroin and five hypodermic syringes.According to the woman’s Facebook page, she studied pediatrics and biology at Wright State University, graduating in 2012. No news reports indicate any other previous arrests or crimes.

While en route to jail, Stroud stated she had no additional drugs. But during a search, an officer realized the jailed woman hides money and drugs in her underwear. A search revealed $1,786 hidden in her bra, and 85 gel caps of heroin, 28 gel caps of cocaine, a 2.5-gram bag of marijuana, and a 2.3-gram rock of heroin also stashed away in the woman’s underwear.Although reports indicate money was found in Stroud’s bra, they do not indicate whether the drugs and instruments were found in her bra or inside a body cavity. However, it was a female police office who conducted the search.When drugs are involved, it is not uncommon for a body cavity search to be performed. Drug trafficking suspects have been known to hide drugs in body openings and have also swallowed bags of drugs to hide them from law enforcement.

The woman was booked on suspicion of selling drugs; bringing drugs on to the grounds of a penal institution; possession of drugs; and possession of illegal weapons. All of these charges are felonies, and she was also charged with possessing drug abuse instruments which is a felony.Shroud, the jailed woman hides money and drugs in her underwear, is scheduled for a court appearance on Thursday afternoon.http://www.whio.com/news/news/crime-law/jailer-woman-hides-money-drugs-in-underwear/nkN6s/http://www.correctionsone.com/corrections/articles/8393611-Woman-hides-1-700-drugs-in-underwear-during-bookinghttp://www.legalmatch.com/law-library/article/body-cavity-search-procedures.html

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