Treatment Centers for Jewish Addicts

treatment centers for jewish addicts

If you or a loved one is Jewish and is looking for treatment centers for Jewish addicts, it may seem like a daunting task. There are only two in-patient rehab clinics in the US that cater specifically to the Jewish community! Luckily, there are other options out there that also cater to your needs. Taking the time to research these programs will help you find drug and alcohol treatment that fits with your cultural and religious beliefs.

Inpatient Jewish Treatment Centers

Chabad Residential Treatment Center (Los Angeles)

The Chabad Residential Treatment Center is one of two inpatient Jewish treatment centers in the US. It’s the only kosher, treatment center in the country that also provides traditional holiday practices, and it currently only treats men. It requires a 3-month commitment, and patients are encouraged to stay longer if they feel they need to. The center does not require a religious path to recovery, but it does offer daily Torah classes.Read more:

Beit T’Shuvah (Los Angeles)

Beit T’Shuvah is the country’s other inpatient treatment center for Jewish addicts. It serves both men and women and offers a 3-month, rehabilitation program that incorporates Torah study. One of the key components of Beit T’Shuvah’s program is to encourage patients to identify with the lessons of the Torah and to understand that even those with physical or emotional challenges can become a better person and overcome them.


Treatment Centers for Jewish Addicts Outside of L.A.

Jewish Center for Addiction: Prevention, Help, and Hope (Chicago)

The Jewish Center for Addiction does not offer inpatient treatment, but they do work closely with local rehabilitation centers to make sure that culturally and religiously appropriate care is available to the Jewish community. (Jewish United Fund) The center also offers monthly workshops such as Jewish 12 Stepping, which examines the 12 steps to recovery with Jewish perspectives and practice.

Jewish Recovery Center (Boca Raton)

The Recovery Center organizes weekly Sabbath dinners and support programs for Jews in rehab or other stages of overcoming addiction. The six-year-old organization is quickly growing to serve the needs of the South Florida Jewish community, and the weekly dinners now serve a group of about 100 people.

Other Options

It seems likely that as awareness of addiction grows in the Jewish community, more treatment centers for Jewish addicts will arise to meet cultural and religious needs. However, if a Jewish treatment center is not currently available near you, see if your synagogue offers any support services or resources. If you are uncomfortable seeking help through this avenue, take a look at local rehab placement services and work with professionals to find facilities that are able to accommodate your cultural and religious needs.

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